February 19, 2008

To Flash or Flush!!!

Wanted to post these images ages ago before i went missing last year. i thought that it will be nice to share with all of you.
"Typical Malaysian Male Toilet, Notice the Round Cirlce That I've added?"
"That's Phony Baby"
It actually says, please flash after use, and i was like please what $%%&*^ after use!!!! It's already bad enough that guys have to stand next to each other pissing and sometimes get peek by some 'curious' guys who wanna know how long is others' dick compare to theirs. And now, you want us to flash our weeny to them after we've piss!!!!

Anyway, someone was nice enough to correct the mistake and not long after that, the sign disappears.

Final Verdict: I found this at my workplace, how embarassing to have such a prominent company displaying such message to their employees....

February 14, 2008

Good Take!

Recently, after i got addcited to reading macdude, i was amaze by his work in car detailing, but the most important of all, his work on photograping the cars after he buff's it.

OK, i know by now, you've already click onto his link and busy looking at his sparkling car shots, but at least let me explain my shots before you venture into his.

Images were taken on a cloudy day, in fact before i finish taking, it started to rain. Personally, i think these photos can go into some car magazines, hehehe.

Final Verdict: Who is willing to hire me for such shots, or maybe who is willing to send me some beautiful cars for me to shoot. By the way, the product belongs to CW Yee

February 13, 2008

Part 4: Photography (Final)

"QEII, Penang, Not Really a Happening Place"
"My Shot of the Moon"
"My Night Photograhy at Hello Kitty Lantern Festival"

Finally, i've come to the end of my 4 part entries: Happiness, Celebration, People, and now Photography. Over the year of 2007, i've embarked seriously on photography and i'm sure some of you have notice that i've taken more than just abstract photography (which is my favourite). In the year of 2007, i've invested on a 55-200mm VR lense, which takes superb photos, bought 2 new batteries (after the original died when i want to use it on my Cameron Trip 1, 2), bought a Crumpler 6 million bag for my gears. and lately before CNY, i ordered a Nikon D300, YES, i'm finally going to own a very professional dslr soon, (of course that will be before the D3)

Final Verdict: With the D300 in my hands soon, i'll be emabrking on serious photography....

Part 3: People

"SkyBar, Traders Hotel, Was on Business Trip, but Ended Up on the 33rd Floor"
"Fiona, Still Partially Single then, Cause, Registered, but Have Not Went Through the Church Ceremony Yet, hehehe"
"Ben, Still Single (and TALLER Than ME)"

Since working in Penang, i seldom have the chance to meet up with my friends unless i'm back in Ipoh or when i'm down to KL. During the Raya, i travelled down to KL, visited Pavillion, Garden over the weekend. The reason being, i don't wanna be KIASU, i want to know how does the 2 new attractions look and feels like. Last time, when i retired off from KL, the hip place was The Curve and you can imagine, that was 2 years back.

Final Verdict: Pavillion, not my choice, Garden, please fix the leakage at your car park, the cement stains from the leakage can still be partially seen on my car. SkyBar is freaking HOT

Part 2: Celebration

The last quarter of 2007, i've been attending a few celebrations and below are some of the worth metioning, (WHY!, read the rest)...

"My Workplace's Annual Carnival: Me Dancing in front of More than 2 Thousand People"
"I'm One of the 3 MCs for the Event As Well"
"KKC Early Xmas Dinner at Tao, Auto City"
"KKC Xmas Dinner at Kirishima, Penang"
"Money Spent on Kids"

Besides my usual job at my workplace, i'm also one of the many part time MC for my company. That means, if there's any event going on, chances of me being selected to become a MC is.... errrr...HIGH. When i joined, i was somehow being given this task (unwillingly). It started off with a small crowd of less than 100 people at the cafeteria, then it increses to less than 200 at the learning center, then to about 500 at a cost reduction function, and recently at the company's carnival, bukit merah, more than 2000 people.

Come to think of it, it's really nice of them to give me such a task, never thought i could overcome a small crowd furthermore thousands.....all i can say know is BRING IT ON

For the Xmas outing, we had 2 different dinners to cater for everyone and being the active ones, i attended both, and exchanged presents 2 times, then party at SS and sing K.....

Then on Xnas morning itself, i presented presents to my niece and her cousin. Well, this is the first time i bought presents for kids after 25 years..... 'WINK'

Final Verdict: I had fun, everyone did, money well spent...

Part 1: Happiness

I thought it would be easy for me to just chunk in photos of what i've been up to for the past 4 months. But, if you know me well, i'm those who can resist on writing if i'm given the chance. I'll be posting the next few entries based on titles so that all of you can catch up on my happenings

"Chiew Yen & (Forgot the Groom's Name) Day, Penang: Chiew Yen is a Colleague of Mine"
"Han Wei & Chin Lee's Day, Taiping: Han Wei is also a Colleague. I was the Part Time Photographer for His 'Lim Teh' Session
"Daniel & Anjuna's Day, Ipoh: Anjuna is One of My Closest Buddy, Known Her for More than 10 Years"
"Saw Yean & (Forgot the Groom's Name) Day, Parit Buntar: Saw Yean is One of the 'KKC' Group in My Workplace. (KKC is Kong Kam Club, NOT KU KU Chiow)"
"Teng & Fiona's Day, KL: Fiona, One of My Best Pal in University Years"
As you can see, i've been travelling places most of the time attending dinners. Lets talk about the photos, i've attended 7 wedding dinners and it cost me a BOMB, friends please stop getting yourself commited or else i'll have problem mending the hole in my jeans.
5/7 photos are in this entry, the 6th wedding is missing because i do not know the couple and for the 7th wedding: Ivan & Goon, i'll dedicate a special entry for them after i've finish updating all my stuff .
Final Verdict: I donated more than RM600 for these 7 dinners, (I said more because that do not even include parking ticket, petrol, my time, car maintenance...etc) hmm, come to think of it, kinda resonable right, because for that amount of money, i can't even get anything to upgrade on my DSLR besides 4 pcs of batteries, and hell yeah i need more batteries. OK, i'm infected by the islander disease: KIAMSIAP!!!! (BTW, Ang Pow for Weddings are much more cheaper in northern region)

Lvin's Back.....

"Pose, Inspired by a Buddy's Wedding Photo"

I’m back after more than 4 months missing in action. Thanx to those who still drop by my site every now and then though I’ve not been updating anything.

Forget about the past as I do not want to mention why I had been missing for so long.

And yeah, before I forget, today I’m actually on leave, yeah still on leave but I’m already back in Penang. Which basically means, after more than 2 years of working, this is the first time I’m taking one day off for no purpose, chilling inside my room. OK, I admit, I purposely take one day off just to revive this blog.

Final Verdict: I’ll be uploading series of photos from the past 4 months so that you and I can catch up….GONG XI 'RAT' CAI, Be Sure to Sniff Every Opportunity in front of YOU...