February 28, 2007


Recently, i got a mail which has the images above, i thought it was really cool and grand. It's a Lamborghini ad promoting not only itself but the place of origin.

Considering Lambo is my all time favourite supercars, so i suggest you open up one of the attachments and read the text. It's really impressive to me.

The first thing that struck my mind was, imagine proton in these ads promoting itself and tanjung malim (home of protonssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss................ (lotsa protons)

Lets see the comparisons i'll make between the images above with Lambo and Prot.

Image 1: Malaysian driving protons (ok, lets not just bash proton drivers, all driver i would say) will not need to have 3 red lights, whether it's red amber or green, we just step harder to overshoot it, more dangerous than driving a lambo

Image 2: I guess in tanjung malim there'll be this scene where ah pek sitting at kopitiam enjoying their kopi-o with spannars and screw drivers on their hands and table rather than head phone over their head as protons are famous for breaking up, most famous one being power window spoilt

Image 3: Imagine our children playing with proton cars, NO WAY, not cool at all, i would rather spend more and get them a more proper automotive

Image 4: How can i describe this? our fastest production proton is the Satria GTI, hmm do we need telescopes? Well i guess not, most probably with our 'kampung' road (village), the GTI will break apart without even reaching the exit.

Final Verdict: I'm a proton driver myself, so no offence to other, hope i'll not get myself into the authority, the MC MC something. WTH!

Happy CNY 2007

"Stalled besides the road, waiting for ambulance"
"See the fumes coming out from the radiator"

"What a way to enjoy the 8th day of CNY"
Hello everyone, i'm back after an enjoyble and hectic CNY. Like everyone i was looking so much to CNY, went back to Ipoh, got drunk on the eve, hahaha, then it goes on non stop for gambling. Didn't win much as the bet placed were just too little, can't even buy me a Mcd value meal.
I was told those in the chinese zodiac of dog will enjoy a good and comfortable year ahead especially in the month of Feb. Yeah, month of Feb. Well, it turn out kinda good until last Sunday when i was travelling back to Penang.
I blew my car engine off. Was speeding all the way back through the rain (that's when little car like mine can outrun bigger cars as people will tend to slow down). When it reaches the Juru toll, i kinda sensed that it's a bit foggy behind my car, and i found out that my car was emitting white smole, SHIT, then i heard weird noises, my temp went up to the MAX, yeah MAX and that scared the hell out of me. So i slowed down, then reach the Pg bridge, as the guy can i stopped infront of the toll, stupid ASSHOLE said cannot as all the cones were placed there, F**K my bonnet is now fogging out with smoke, so i stopped half way at the bridge for 15 minutes.
Then, i thought, since home is so near, might as well try driving it home first, with the temp to the MAX, i managed to crossed the bridge, and it died just after tesco before the tunnel. Instantly reminded me of the scene in initial D where the AE86 died after its engine blew.
Waited for my bro to come, opened the bonnet, engine oil everywhere, SHIT, called my insurance co. tow truck came, towed to a garage that specialize in italian cars (well, i still have a jap engine, didn't change to a italian type, hahaha.
Main cause, water pump leaked, water evaporated, burnt and melted the distributor cap, gasket, etc etc. Anyway, it took 1 1/2 days for the guy to repaired my car, that was fast.
Final Verdict: Luckily i didn't get burnt alive inside the car just like in the movies, guess Dog is still good after all (Yeah, after paying so much for the repair)

February 15, 2007

Missed It!

"My photo is at the top, haha"

"Screw the ghost, i'm the dog rider"

I'm sure avid readers of The Star newspaper will notice the 'Thumbnails' section everyday where readers send in photos of interesting matters hoping to get the easy RM50 given to the winner everyday. Well, last 2-3 weeks, i thought, why not, RM50 just for a shot, that should be easy.

The above picture was taken in Ipoh on one of my recent trip back. Immediately when i see this scenario, i know RM50 is there waiting for me to grab, so, took out my K800i, shot and on that night itself, sent it to The Star, then it was published out on the second day, guess i did capture a vey good shot since it was published out so fast from millions of entries (i'm sure there are lots of entries if not millions).

But too bad, i did not get the RM50, but this picture of mine top the page, hahaha, guess u lose some and you gain some.

Final Verdict: This will be my part time job to earn money from now on, haha. guys, it's not easy to capture such moment, if you feel that the things in front of you is worth RM50, grab the camera and start shooting.

Final Verdict 2: Stay tune for another prize grabber photos i have in hand, will send it in soon, also taken with my handphone but on a 3650

February 13, 2007

Nissan GTR Proto


After much findings on the net, i found the best ever to be seen Nissan GTR Proto by Amano Kazaoto. Do visit his page and you will be able to see his stunning work on other categories. The Ford Focus he did was great too, like the blue and white combination so much, this guy is really a kewl photographer plus photoshopper, haha.
CNY 2007 is around the corner, my workplace is becoming less noisy as the BIG day approaches, not much people is in the mood to work, some started their holiday this week. Poor me, still have to 'shake leg' for another 3 days before i can join in the fun.
Somehow, this year's CNY is not as happening like the previous years, in fact, as each year passes, CNY has become less meaningful for me, maybe i'm growing older each day. I remember the younger years where i was so looking forward to CNY, BIG-ASS fireworks which i bought in bulk. Now, want to play also hard to get, hehehe. CNY commercials are less now, in fact i don not find any from the TV where the local BIG corporations will usually come out with hard to understand but meaninigful festive ads
Till then, Happy CNY 2007, may the year of the PIG bless you with the cute-ness of the PIG!!!
Final Verdict: CNY FAST FAST COME!

February 08, 2007

Miss ME!

"Lvin in the year of the Piggie!"

Ladies & Gentlemen, i'm back, officially back after such long disappearance. Well, i was as usual busy with work since last year, even now as i'm typing, i still owe my boss a few projects that i've missed since last year, DAMN. OK, Xmas was normal for me, i was back in Ipoh, forgotten how i celebrated it, hahahah LAME ME, ok then new year i was in Ipoh too, went to a pub to countdown with someone i do not know, how boring could that be, then it was my buddies ROM, Ivan & Goon, went back to Ipoh again, i did make a lot of trips back then, that made up why i do not have time to blog, hahaha.

OK, year 2006 had been a great one, i marked my 1 year in working, i got lots of new stuff, but all of it was not all i dreamt of wanted, but afterall, it feels good. Let me tell you what was in my wish list:- (only brand be mentioned for security reasons, hehehe)

Wanted Tag Heuer but got a Fortis
Wanted Nokia, but got a Sony Ericsson
Wanted Reebok, but got a Nike
Wanted a Nissan Skyline, but ended up buying lots of Nissan Skyline die cast

Well, looking at it, it wasn't that bad after all, can still target for it this year. Lets see things that i wanted but i failed to get last year:-

Putra Place/ Green Lane Park
MyVi, 206, Neo, Smart4Two

Things i bought last year:-

Nike Acc.

Well, enough off all those things that i got, cannot get, wanna get. In the end it just suck up all my money, hahaha.

OK, back to the picture above, was at the saloon for almost 5 hours last Sunday. Wanted to just have a hair cut, but ended up highlighting it in gold/copper. It was a few hours of torturing as i have to wait so long to get it look great. First they put an elephant condom on my head, forcing it to go down my head like i'm a dick head., with the HUGE holed condom, this guy tries to pick my hair with a small scapel one by one until i look like Coolio, then bleached my hair, after 1/2 hour, took out the rubber and off i go washing my hair, then, OMG, WTF !@#$%^&*, i can't believe my eyes, (refer to pic no. 3). I thought they gonna just dye it this way for me, then i was worried how am i gonna meet up with people with such a 'La La, Ah Beng style, then this guy came again bleached my hair with the second color, then after 1 hour, was washed again, did some mint treatment, "JENG JENG" behold, the all new 2007 LVIN, hahahha.

Final Verdict: That's my entry after so long, just to make up for what i've been not posting all these while.