July 31, 2007

My Favourite Female Artists All Over!


Had a wonderful weekend back in ipoh, then when monday comes, it was really hell of a monday, got a last minute order where i have to come up with a video for the next day's update. Was speechless at first as the time given were too short and i was also pissed because of the way they managed things. But i managed to turned it all over (as usual) as i'm used to their 'last minute' style. So here i am happily blogging.
Ok, the images above is one of my favourtie female artist. Let me tell you more in point form.
Favourite Female Artist
  • Local: Josephine Goh (Images above, fell for her after i saw her appearing before the Miss Chinese Astro 2006, Btw she was the 2nd runner up). Another one, will be Kirby Chan, (local drama series actress, became her fan after i found out she owns the same tag heuer watch as mine), pathetic isn't it!
  • Hong Kong: Yoyo Mung Kar Wai (The first time i saw her was in a magazine, thought her name Yoyo was cute, then i got to see her in KL once, LIVE, and i was so happy, but she's super skinny in person)
  • Miss Hong Kong: Aimee Chan (Year 2006, too bad she failed to get into top 5)
  • American: Kirsten Dunst (After watching bring it on, i never turn back since then, she becomes hotter each day). Then, Mira Sorvino, (hooked to her after watching the replacement killer, don't ask me to describe more, i just think she has the personality)
  • American Singer: Leann Rimes (How can you not fall in love for her wonderous vocal)
  • Singaporean: Fann Wong for sure
Final Verdict: Which guy doesn't have a favourite female artist....

July 24, 2007


"Dragon-i's teaser at Queensbay Outlet"
"Zing Do" What's that?
" Their Menu........"
Ok, i got to admit this, i'm getting looney these days, YES, yet i went to dragon-i again last weekend, so in total i've been there like 4-5 times this month and for your info this month has not ended yet, hahaha. But this time, i didn't have my usual that i ordered everytime because i've came to an end and i want to try their noodle, ok, the fried la mien with minced chicken and cabbage was kinda good.
Well, it's not that i've never tasted dargon- i before it was availabe here in Penang, i've gone to the KL outlets a few times, but somehow, i found the Penang outlet offer better food. Or maybe because this outlet offer food that makes me miss mum. Yes my mum can cook very nice home dishes (whose mum doesn't anyway), and this mean in Penang, you don't get those food that you get back in Ipoh, so it's totally different. I wonder when will dragon-i come out with loyalty membership. And it's confirmed that they'll open another outlet at Sunway Carnival Mall.
Ok enough of that, let me review what's on the pictures. Is call Zing Do, located at the Gurney Plaza Walk (Breaks ex outlet). Korean style fast food apparenty. You'll be served, then when you sit down and they pass you the menu, they'll tell you to order it at the cashier at the corner. (Why you need to serve people to sit down when it's self- service) Morons!
Then when i was at the cashier, i was served by this chap who looks like some idiotic/ wannabe taiwanese hip- hop punk. For god's sake, if you wanna wear an apron and become a waiter or in your case a cashier, please be like one, don't wear the baseball cap, and also Please wake up, it's like 1 something in the noon and you look like an addict. Doesn't know anything about what's on the menu, in the end he was helped by another chap (which looks more like a waiter).
The food there, not recomended, go next door for a Mcd happy meal, it's more worth is, at least you get a toy. I was told earlier that this place sucks, but still i wanna give it a try, but too bad, it failed, the service sucks, the food, errr, how should i call it...ok don't waste time, no word to describe how bad is it.
Final Verdict: Go dragon-i, more worth it, hahahaha. Stay tune, for more food and outlet review..

July 22, 2007

"No Refill, If You Are Sharing"

"This is on par with Kenny Rogers (if KR would serve it HOT all the time"
"This is one heavenly cheese soup"
"Monterey Chicken, the meat is just nice & tender, the mash is marvelous"
"Southwestern Springroll"

FUCK YOUler (oppps, i mean Chillies, particularly, the Chillies at G Hotel Peanng), What do you mean by no refill if we are sharing, what's this, some kiasu-ism term you learnt since you opened in Penang. I can't believe i'm hearing this from an international chain whose standard is on par with TGIF, but came up with such term. This is the first time i'm hearing this after i went to so many other different outles who offers bottomless drink, eg, Burger King, Grannys, TGIF, MFM, Road House Grill, Mcd....etc.
So what, i shared, and i got my refill, what are you going to do? The service there is lousy, the seats i was given was so cramped, like we are eating inside a pig shack. But, they are lucky because their food made back for what they lacked. Overall, the food was great, i like their cheese soup, very nice plus their kids mac cheese. Portion served was large, good when you are hungry, (where usually chinese will say, 'i'm so hungry, i could eat an elephant') then it's a heaven for you.
Final Verdict: Recomended! Good food, but lousy service, overall the whole outlet is run by the same species, go there and you'll know which species i'm talking about. And, about the drink, arghh, just tell them to screw themselves anti clock wise. I ordered, I shared, and i Refilled. What are you going to do? REMEMBER, you are only Chilles, but I'm Chilli Padis, muahahaha.

The Good, Bad, & Ugly

Final Verdict: The new lens is really performing up to my expectation!

WTF Weekend!

"Strawberry Cheese Cake"

Somehow, i spent my weekend aimlessly for the last 2 days. Wanted to go Penang Hill, went there, and the time wasn't right, so went to Batu Ferringhi through the Air Itam- Balik Pulau route. Please don't ever use this route if you wish to check out the beach, please use the route provided by MPPP by going through the city then up the hill and you reach the beach in less than 1/2 hour. Bloody hell, it took me me more than an hour just to reach there using that route. Luckily the sceneries were great.
Went to Golden Sands Resort for tea. The interesting part was, they introduced their strawberry cheese cake and we said ok, at the same time, ordered cheese cake, pandan cake. It turn out that the strawberry cheese cake and the cheese cake is the same thing, the catch is, it comes with 3 extra strawberries skewered to a satay stick, the slice was bigger with an ice- cream. WTF, WTF, that's not strawberry cheese cake, THAT'S CHEESE CAKE WITH STRAWBERRIES.
Final Verdict: Not a good place for tea though the price is cheap. The cakes sold at the night market is even cheaper and on par with theirs.

July 21, 2007

No Sacrfice, No Victory

"Good Guys Always Come in Blue"
"Hottest Scene For the 2 Hour Movie, See Also Sweat"
"Megan Fox & ME, Fu Yoh....."

OK, i had 6 hours of sleep and i'm sure i'm able to write a review for transformers based on my judgement in clear consent without any 'sleepy' influence. I heard of people who went and watch this movie 6 times, and that's like 2 hours x 6 times = 12 hours, Damnm these people does have all the time in the world. For me, i guess the max i'll watch is another time in the movie and maybe max 2 times on the DVD, then i'll just keep it as one of the action pack collection.

Somehow i think the storyline started off quite lame with poor computer graphics (CG) when it was telling us what happened between the autobots, decepticons, cybertron, cube...etc. After that, i guess the story pick up quite nicely. It's definitely another American movie where you can see their brute force of armies, showing to us the message "don't mess with us" and what kind of fire power they have. Afterall, tansformers was an american cartoon (wasn't it).

I particularly like the emotion and bond between the robots and humans in this movie, i think they just sparked off well, there's the feeling there which you (at least i did) will feel touched.

The objects the robots transforms into were all GM cars (autobots), really boring car i would say, camaro, hummer, pontiac (yawn...). Somehow, i don't like american cars, bulky, big, over exaggerate, compared to japanese car, they lacked the design motive. Then the decepticons turn into military weapons, tank, F22..... which i reckon is not balance, military stuff vs normal vehicles. (As usua, the bad guys are always more powerful than the good ones).

Fighting scenes between robots were messy, can't see anything as they were rolling all over the screen, if there are any GC defects i bet no ordinary people can figure out. The decepticons look ugly (i guess they are suppose too), the one i think look the great most is prime, maybe because from all the robots, prime was always shown closed up. The script between robots somehow doesn't sounds real to me, there's this scene they said "you'll die", well when you hear such phrase, normally, is between human conversation, robots should say, "you'll be destroyed". Well ike the robots said, they learnt it through WWW. Also one thing i expect is, when it's a battle between such high tech robots, why do they still need to fight it the rugby 'bollywood' way. They have to charge themselves forward hug the other robot and punch, judo, karate, then rolled of the interchange, rolled over the city.... I was expecting them to shoot missles, laser, all over the places like how the military attacked them.

Music and sound effect were nicely blend, well done to the composers. And of course the best part is always when the they transform and then there's this metal clanking sound plus some sound generated wave combination, priceless, brings back my childhood immediately. Megan Fox, is HOT, who here doesn't agree, i'm going into your dreams tonight and make sure you agree with me, hahaha. The way the shots and angles were all nicely done in order to make her perfect, well done. (Gosh, she's so HOT).

Sector 7, under the Hoover dam, cube and mengatron trapped under the dam which was purposely built to housed them but not the sake of generating electricity for Las Vegas, this is very fictional or was it non fictional. Somehow, in the movie, there's always sens of humour, even the robots can crack jokes and make themselves funny, cool, again, thanx to the WWW. I like the part where the soldiers were calling for help through the handphone at Qatar where they were attacked by the scorpion bot, the guy who asked for visa, then...... (recall it yourself)

Final Verdict: I will not rate it the Roger Ebert way: two thumbs up (did he give 2 thumbs up?), i think that's lame though i know he's one of the best movie crictics around. All i can say is, overall, i love the movie, the bond between human and robots was successfully instill, i really love it, made me emtional. Conclusion, Optimus you are cool, but where's the tank that you are suppose to carry around?, Megan Fox, you are going to be my next idol after Kirsten Dunst.

July 20, 2007

TGIF Weekly Report!

"Whatya Looking at, You Milo Tin"

So fast and it's another weekend. A lot of things happened:-
  1. My new family member joined in

  2. I went to Dragon-i again (YES, i know i've been there non stop, i didn't own it and still, i need to pay for what i've eaten, and YES i had the same food everytime i'm there)

  3. Got myself the long awaited present

  4. Got Sick

  5. Went to Swensens, (YES, less than a week, i was there again)

  6. Screwed up my blog's html, now i have to redo everything again
  7. Watched Harry Potter
  8. Managed to sit down at Borders alone reading a DLSR manual (because i do not wish to pay that amount to buy it, so i'm going to make a few more rounds there to finish up the manual for FOC, Welcome to Malaysia!, hahahaha.)

But of course the BEST OF ALL is, I'M WATCHING TRANSFORMERS TOMORROW MORNING AT 12.15am (OK, i know this is quite embrassing yelling at my blog telling people i'm watching transformers when almost all the people in my workplace already watched ages ago)

Final Verdict: Transformers, more than meet the eyes, (Kelvin, you are going to hate this, jet jet, jet jet.. jet, hahahaha.

July 18, 2007

What Name?

"Hi, Please Name ME!"
What should we call him? Anton, Pepe, Breate, Felix. OK these 4 names were given by a Dutch friend of my dad, that's why it sounds weird. Don't ask me how do you pronounce it, i only know Pepe, hahaha. OK, how about Tino, sounds italian rite. Or, i'll just call him beagle. Hmmm, how about snoopy, Harry, Beegee....

Final Verdict: Come on, ideas, ideas, what should we call him?

July 17, 2007

New Family Member (Update)

"I've Got 3 Colors on my Body, Fu Yoh, hehe."
Remember, one of my previous entry, New Family Member, i was telling you that i'll have a new member joining my family soon. Well, as promised, here you are, meet "....................." errr, have not given him a name yet, hehehe, OK, i came up with few names, harry, beegee, doppy, i guess megatron sounds better...
It's a male, 9 week old, tricolor beagle. Yes, it does look like the character Snoopy as it was derived from the beagle breed.
Pictures above weren't clear as it was taken by a handphone, will update you with clearer ones, once i get back to Ipoh with my trustworthy companion- my DLSR.
Final Verdict: We still miss you Collie!

July 14, 2007

Finally...Fu Yoh!!!

"Fu Yoh, 55-200mm VR Lens"
"See the VR Switch"
"With the D50 and the Crumpler 6 Million Camera Bag Behind"

YES, finally ater months of waiting, (plus phone calls to the shop which they promised will call me back if there's stock, BUT DID NOT) today i tried my luck and went over to the shop and asked for this lens, and YES, it's there, and i immediately took out my card and off it went for a swipe and off it goes some $$$$ of mine, hehehe. I would also like to take this chance to thank the one who sponsored me, hahahaha.

My D50 ran out of battery, so for the time being, i will not be able to show you what this lens is capable of producing together with my D50, but stay tune, i'll definitely snap loads of it and show you guys over here.

I also found out, they have aftermarket battery grip for my D50, isn't that cool, but it is made in china but comes with a 1/2 year warranty, don't know whether want to risk buying it or not....

Final Verdict: Pardon me, as i need to go molest and hug this lens of mine for a while... Battery, battery, when can you finish charging....haiseh...

Yummy Yummy!

"Giant Earthquake + Swensen Fries"
"6 Person, 6 Spoons, 8 Scoops of Ice Creams"
"Miserable Photo Taken by Halo Cafe Staff at Auto City"

Had another outing yesterday with my colleagues, but this time it's a MAKAN outing. Right after work, we drove ourselevs to Bukit Tambun for seafood, yeah, had lots of great one like the crab, squid, mantis prawn and other digusting sea creatures which some of it tasted like rubber when you chewed it.
Found out that small abolone are call 'limpet' yeah, limpet, what a name, imgine this:-
Me: Miss, limpeh want a plate of braised limpet
Waitress: Huh......
Ok, after that, we went back to Auto City for more as the night was still early, went to Swensen for the Giant Earthquake, with only six of us left, we managed to melt every single scoop in our mouth plus also Swensen fries. This Swensen outlet in Auto City is well recomended by me, nice ambience, the satff are well trained, over all:-BAGUS!
Then, off we go across the road to Halo Cafe, not as good as what i've expected, very typical chinese (cinapek) cafe, wannabe singers singing only chinese song, i guess they can only sing chinese songs after all. Songs were slow the whole night, the staff there were OK, but they lacked of photography skill, check out the pic that the guy took for us, DAMN.
Final Verdict: If everything goes on as planned, my next outing with them, will be to Genting.....

July 12, 2007

World Stats!


I found an interesting link which actually tells you about every major categories you need to know regarding this world. Try World Clock. You can switch the stats between day to year. But i do now know how accurate the stats could be, but it's just fun for your viewing pleasure. Last time i had a link which tell you when you are going to die with the clock ticking away, scarry isn't it, but i can't seems to find the link, maybe you have, share wif us.
Final Verdict: It makes me wonder, how lucky am i to be sitting here typing this without being included into one of the categories inside the link

July 11, 2007

Miss English Hotties!!!!

"Props for Miss English Hotties"
"Anita Penang Parading on the Stage"

"Hello, I'm Contestant No.4"
"The Rest of the Hotties" (All Married!!!)"

Just this morning, i had a chance to cover a beauty pagent event organised by an american company in conjuction with their English Week. But from all the groups that had presented, i particularly found this group which called themselves Miss English Hotties intersting, in fact way interesting.

I also had a chance to prepared their props for them. OK imagine 5 contestants, one being the MC parading themselves over the company's cafeteria with operators and staff jeering and shouting plus whistling when they cat walked on the stage.

Not until, this hotty came out who call herself Miss Anita Penang, the crowd turned from fanatic to lunatic, all i could hear was claps, laughter, shouting (of course they are excited to see such pretty lass).

Anyway, the event will be a success and by the end of the whole English Week, we'll see whether this Hotties team will be able to bag something home.

Final Verdict: Curious and want to know more about who this Miss Anita Penang is, check out the screen next to her on image no. 2 above, Well, that's the real her.

July 04, 2007

New Addition

"Wonder if Malaysian Tatler would be interested with this image"

Hey ya, was in Dragon-i moments ago. OK i know i've been there like million of times for the past few days, but hey, i just felt like having chinese food for dinner.

See the steamed groundnuts above, well, that's a new addition from them. Served to you for FREE, no extra charges, and i asked one of the 'tea' boy (who only knows how to speak english but works in a chinese restaurant) is it FREE, he said YES, then i said if i want to have another plate can? He said no problem! Isn't it cool to be working with Dragon-i when a 'tea boy' (eg. person who is in charge of refilling tea and table setup) has the say to give free steamed groundnuts to customers. That's Cool, Kudos

Final Verdict: I had the usual bucket rice, was served to me in less than 5 minutes, surprisingly, which normally only can be serve to in 15-20mins. Yeah, this weekend, do not ever think of going to Queensbay, TV3 is having a HUGE carnival at the open area car park, that means less parking, MORE people, go to Sunway Carnival Mall instead, hehehe, or like me go back Ipoh.

July 03, 2007

Shit Happens, The Sequel....

"Luckily, only the door was crashed"
"Damaged absorbed thanx to imported doors which were all changed before"

After what happened to my car during this year's Chap Goh Meh, the next worst thing happened again. This time my mum's 16 year old car, (hahaha, talk about antique, but hey, it's still running perfectly on the road, in fact better than some of the newer cars around i would say, which it definitely does not need the RM5k plan to scrap old cars) was crashed by somebody who decided to reverse its car out from the house without looking at their rear and side mirrors.
Final Verdict: You own the house, not the road outside your house, if you can't do a back reverse into you house, then DAMN IT, reverse with alert.