November 21, 2009

The Legend is Real!

Those who know me long enough will know that i'm a Nissan Skyline lover (freak). I have a huge collection of die cast cars which are all Skyline. Yes, i have practically bought all the Skyline that you see everywhere in Malaysia (and other countries too). This is just one part of my 'money wasting' hobbies. Too bad though i still haven't own a Skyline yet....

Well, i don't have to further elaborate what the Skyline is capable off, you can google it anytime. Below are two videos which i've obtained  through one of the many Skyline owners' blog that i follow.

This is a short film by Dylan Osborn featuring the GTR with the title: Inheritance.

This one is a GTR evolution film celebrating the GTR legacy

Well, i don't know if it excites you, but i'm sure it turns me on....

(DAMN, the wide screen is screwing up my page layout, but for the Skyline sake, it doesn't matter)


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