June 17, 2010


Super Sexy CPR

Not too sure if anyone here knows how to give a proper CPR whenever needed. No worries, after viewing the simple tutorial from this video. i guess i would rather be CPR then to give CPR


June 15, 2010

2011 Suzuki Swift

Those who knows me, probably knows that i own a Suzuki Swift which is one my daily excitement. It's never a dull moment driving it. Put it this way, it's a Go Kart which is road legal.

I've own this baby for almost two years, went through a lot of hardships together, thanx to crappie Malaysia's proton wira which has no safety braking system at all (which i do not know why it's being sold and endanger our lifes) and a fucking lorry driver who dared to commit an offence but have no balls to report to the authority. May your son be facing the ass of another person for the rest of his fucking life.

The Swift has been in the market for about 5 years and it's most approriate that a new version will be out to replace one of the best small segment car in the world. Over the years, they are spy shots of the new swift being tested and recently, it was unveil that it will be in the market by 2011. Below are the photos i've obtained from some French website.

For those of you who do not know how does the current Swift looks like (shame on you) or you think it's a Myvi and you think Swift Sport is just a cosmetic version of the Swift (like the Myvi SE), i suggest you go become a car salesman
As for the photos above, i'm truly happy that suzuki decided to retain the overall body  design of the car and that makes proud owner like me feel good when a new swift is side by side with me. At least i know people enjoy the current swift so much that they decided not to change it drastically just like mini, xtrail and murano are doing. Somehow, it's like the 308 and the back resembles the previous generation's Megane

Not too sure if the specs will be the same when it reaches Cut Throat Malaysia, but i'm sure we'll be getting at least 70% of what we are looking at. My prediction will be digitial climatic control module gone, some saftey features taken out.

Ok enough of me praising about this affordable super compact car (not in Malaysia maybe), i'm sure there are bunch of swift devoters out there who can decribe the car better than the Skyline (which i will not agree)

 Err, why the boot space still the same pathetic size as the current one...


I just read through some of my previous post and i've been realizing that i've been crapping about blogging and everytime i did so, i disappear for months. i just miss my consistencies that i once had.

Anyway, lately i've been heavily active in Facebook and for Twitter, i chose to be a reader more than a contributor. For those of you who are interested to know me more, i suggets you add me in FB with this email of mine: drdoomjr@hotmail.com

I just came out with a term, Facbook Food Blogger for myself since majority of the photos that i post there daily involves food that i consumed.

Anyhow, i'll try to blog at least once a week so that i can share with you the stuff that i experience everyday, then services that we get in lousy Malaysia and of course interesting stuff that i encounter.

Sorry readers, Lvin shall try to prove that he still loves this blog....

January 30, 2010


It's the time of d year again where I have to go through the ordeal/ torture of sitting in front of d mirror for at least 4-5 hours for my hair job.

This year will be worst, I'm straightening part of my hair beside the dual color dye I did for d past 3 years

Let's hope the turnout will be great, till then, have a nice 3 days weekend while I need to work on Monday, crap ass workplace.

January 20, 2010

Angry Man

I realize facebook is changing me into my real self, and with this i mean, i curse and scold people to the max using facebook. I wonder what's going on with me, maybe this fb thingy is really bringing out my true self. Yes, i'm a person who likes to complaint a lot but as an Asian, we were taught to shut up and forget about it when things happen.

Talking about twitter, the trending topic currently is #yorais, a topic specially created for our old fashioned IT minister. These topics are just pure crap talking about how ancient he is that he's not able to accept the truth that the Internet has move on to such great height, follow me on twitter @drdoomjr and you'll know what i means.

This old fella got famous when he scolded our reporter for using English when talking to him, it pisses me off to see him reacting this way when we are so call 1Malaysia....1 What!!!! Oh yeah, 1Malaysia wasn't established yet...

Check out the edited version below, look for the original one and u'll be amaze how our tax money are spent on such character


Freaking Sick

I've been having fever on and off since last Friday, basically, i do not know what's happening to my immune systems, maybe they decided to leave me beginning of the year.

I realize i've been driving dangerously when i'm feeling sick, cutting lane at the nick of time, flying at the bridge at 140kph (Normally on the bridge the max i do is 120, 14o is for highway). I've lost patience, cutting the whole line at the T junction and make a leegal turn infront of all my colleage which i've never done.

Overall, i've miss out a lot of fun last weekend because of the sickness and this weekend supoose to be wuite a family event, let's hope i manage to recover latest by thursday (which is tomorrow)

Guys, 2010 sucks (for january at least)

January 15, 2010

No Hands!

Location: Dragon-i, Queensbay Mall, Penang

I frequent this outlet almost 3 times a month and it has been my favourtie joint since they were establish in KL. Lately, i found their food standard drop tremendously, could be some new kitchen management

The incident happened when they serve us noodle which they'll normally ask do you want it to be cut with the scissor? It wasn't asked when the noodle was served and when we asked the fella to help cut the noodle, he look at us and answer in mandarin 'No Hands'.

Well, he's not suppose to say he has no hands but to say please wait, i'll get back to you and this will sound better.

A New Year, A New Launch!

For the year 2010, i'll re-launch my blog into a more interesting place. Instead of just talking about my life, i'll touch more about the services and attitudes that i encounter everyday. Since this place is not giving me passion to come in here like last time, i guess i'll just change it to a place where i'll give short comments.

With my blackberry with me, i'm sure i can update my blog anytime i encounter such incidents. So bear with me as i try to relieve my blog which may offend a lot of people, but hell, this is my blog so i'm entitle to say what i feel and also share what i've went through with the rest.

Anyway, Happy 2010, my resolution year it to engage myself more with photography. Here's a parting shot which i took last week while i was away from home most of the nights.

Cocktail by the Sea Food

November 21, 2009

The Legend is Real!

Those who know me long enough will know that i'm a Nissan Skyline lover (freak). I have a huge collection of die cast cars which are all Skyline. Yes, i have practically bought all the Skyline that you see everywhere in Malaysia (and other countries too). This is just one part of my 'money wasting' hobbies. Too bad though i still haven't own a Skyline yet....

Well, i don't have to further elaborate what the Skyline is capable off, you can google it anytime. Below are two videos which i've obtained  through one of the many Skyline owners' blog that i follow.

This is a short film by Dylan Osborn featuring the GTR with the title: Inheritance.

This one is a GTR evolution film celebrating the GTR legacy

Well, i don't know if it excites you, but i'm sure it turns me on....

(DAMN, the wide screen is screwing up my page layout, but for the Skyline sake, it doesn't matter)

November 05, 2009

I'm Back Once Again

Hi everyone, i'm officially back once again. As usual blogging wasn't on my agenda for almost a month as i was busy with work and some other stuff that interest me more than anything else, which i'll definitely blog about it in my next post.

Therefore, to apologize to my anonymous readers, i decided to share an image i got from a colleague of mine. I find it really true in my working environment, how about yours? Also the image is now my wallpaper at my workplace, lets hope i can help change the culture and manage to stay on before they realize they dun have to shit at us.

Till then, i'll try to blog at least an entry after Saturday to update all of you what have i been up for the past 1 month, till then, ADIOS, not forgetting, thanx ndrutan for tagging me from his blog so that i can get more strangers reading my blog..... DAMN, now i really need to get the nuffnang ad template to start generating money so that i don;t have to keep looking up at assholes....hahahaha