July 27, 2008

Please Help to Locate Him!

Last seen at Taman Bachang Jaya, Bt Berendam, Melaka. He was taken into a blue Kancil car by a Chinese man. Reward offered.

If you see this canine (JD), please contact 019 213 1644 (Jo)

Final Verdict: JD is my relative, Please Help as his dad is VERY CONCERN about him but not able to do anyhting as he's thousand miles away from Melaka. Ujin, i'm hoping JD will be fine and be back with you.

July 17, 2008

May Day!

I was down with flu the whole of last week. Took a day off by myself, then one day of MC. It was so terrible my joints were so painful i have problem sleeping. Then over the weekend in Ipoh ( Yeah, still can drive back, hehehe), i had my 'sure cure' medicine at Poh Woh Tong. This is the only chinese medicine i take everytime when i'm down, the most bitter and actually tasted like shit. But hell, it cures me, hehehe.

Final Verdict: There goes my annual bonus, DAMN, more about my my biggest decision from my previous entry soon....