January 20, 2010

Freaking Sick

I've been having fever on and off since last Friday, basically, i do not know what's happening to my immune systems, maybe they decided to leave me beginning of the year.

I realize i've been driving dangerously when i'm feeling sick, cutting lane at the nick of time, flying at the bridge at 140kph (Normally on the bridge the max i do is 120, 14o is for highway). I've lost patience, cutting the whole line at the T junction and make a leegal turn infront of all my colleage which i've never done.

Overall, i've miss out a lot of fun last weekend because of the sickness and this weekend supoose to be wuite a family event, let's hope i manage to recover latest by thursday (which is tomorrow)

Guys, 2010 sucks (for january at least)


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