August 27, 2006


For the first time in my life (after decades of mastering the photoshop), i've decided to photoshop a car since i have quite a passion on them. for this time's project, i've taken my bro's accord and did some really killer look onto it since my bro is really impress with some of the images that he had seen on the net which i have been telling him is photoshoped, but he does not believe me, so i take this chance to prove him WRONG, hahaha. dun criticize me ok, first time, mod a car digitally. we'll do it better next time on my car, stay tune!

Final Verdict: who needs bodykits and speed when you have adobe photoshop, hahaha.

Small vs Small!

Yesterday was like a track day for me, just that i didn't take my own car down to the track for spins, but i test drove two cars in a row, first it was to lowe motors for 206 test drive, very good and smart interior, top notch i would say, but somehow the car that i got hold wasn't smooth at all when the gear changes, hmm, bad impression already like that, was told 1 week can get the car. then it was off to proton edar for satria neo 1.6, wanted auto, but ended up with manual. 110hp vs 206's 76hp, of course it's like motorbike and bicycle, but the interior is really disappointing.

Final Verdict: I had 80% decided to get Myvi for price and economical reasons, until i have some really good reasons to go for 206

August 25, 2006

Target Locked!

Recently, somehow, someone sent me a link which enable the user to have live (though i don't think is live) sattelite images from everywhere in the world. So, after much of searching my beloved hometown for the whole morning, i finally found it. i've attached 3 images of my hometown, one of the current location where i'm staying, hehehe. hopefully, i'll not be track down like 'enemy of the state'

Final Verdict: Track those bastards that you'be been longing to piss on them!
(Well, you can't piss on them though, through this website, but you can put a mark on the location of that asshole's home, and name it whatever you wish)

Cut it Short!

I've come out with an idea, since some bloggers are really long winded, like me sometimes, i've decided to add an interesting part to each of my entry. at the end of each entry, i'll end with 'Final Verdict', this is to summarize, my whole story incase you are lazy and fed up on reading what i've written

Final Verdict (hehe):- People just like to K.I.S.S sometimes, like we have all the time in the world to read it ler!

August 23, 2006

Vietnam My Frog!

Ptuii..., was having my dinner at a so called vietnamese food shop at pulau tikus, well, was kind of disappointed, i ordered something from the menu and it came out another thing, it was totally different from the picture pasted on the wall. the noodle i had is full of frog legs, something that i find it 'geely' (does the chinese car maker know what does geely means? still they wanna name it geely, no wonder all the design so geely). it was served with mixed meat, the most disgusting meat i've ever tried, i wonder if they mix rat meat into it. and the most interesting part is, while i was enjoying the tasteless piece of shit noodle, a rat ran by and it goes 'squeek squeek' until it disappeared, OMG, a mouse running across the floor screaming "That's my family's meat you are chewing on". DAMN it man.

Final Verdict:- 'Ting Chap Lup'

August 22, 2006

Jelly, Belly, Happy!

Early in the morning, i got 2 cups of jelly courtesy of my pretty colleague from finance. actually, she's trying out the receipe and i happened to know about it, so being the think skin, i email her yesterday and she promised to bring one for me, but somehow my another pretty colleague was on leave and i had to finish 2 cups, hehehe.

well, the jelly was great, but it could be sweeter though i should already be feeling sweet since she's the one who gave it to me, keke. the jelly has some 'black rice' pulut hitam in it and some rounded jellies that looks like tadpole, just can't get the name of the ingredients.

somehow the whole morning i've been eating too much, 2 cups of jellies, unlimited supply of biscuits, then bun, then banana, then watermelon, in case you wonder, this is how i pass my days, by eating and forwarding mails, hahaha.

Hell of a weekend!

Last weekend, i was back at my hometown, as usual, enjoying my happy times over the past 3 days, went to the same shopping centre for 4 times in 3 days, hahaha, so sick of me, 4 times in 3 days, u must be asking what can be done there, answer is:- NOTHING, i'm sick of the same shops and same sales promoters who worked full day on the 3 days.

the one that was really exciting was, i nearly got myself into an accident after my dad's trust worthy mpv throttle body was spoilt, i was driving and my uncle beside me, when i wanted to stop, but cannot feel the brake and i was nearing that cab in front of me, and the rpm suddenly shoots up to 6k, imagine the engine suddenly rev up to 6k, dat's like i'm driving 180kph on a normal road and kenot brake in time wif the cab less than 50 meter infront me, WHAT ELSE, with my quick reflexes, i shited the D to N and press the brake which still feels spongy and it stop just in time, luckily by shifting to N it disengages the fuel and accelaration thus the RPM drops just in time to stop. GOSH, tell you wat, that experience was priceless.

ok after that, i knew immediately something was wrong, but my uncle insisted that i press the wrong peddle moments ago, NO WAY. then the same incident happened again when i wanna park it, and i did the same thing. anyway, it was throttle body problem and thank god we are saved

August 17, 2006


Yet, i'm back in subway again. my last trip there was the day before, hahaha. this time, managed to try their footlong with steak and cheese in it. not bad. still 4 people preparing it, looks to me like a batch flow rather than one- piece- flow. business was good, lotsa people. what is special this time compared to my last trip was, my sandwich was toasted this time, tasted better and crunchier. i tried their italian bread compared to last time which was parmesan and oregano.


Was about to leave for home when i heard thunderstorm followed by rain, it was a freaky one, the whole penang bridge was jammed up with people struggling to get home, having hard time engage and disengage their clutches. as usual, we do see some assholes who does not understand the laws of safey by turning on the hazard lights and drive, and also there are some second category idiots who would not even want to turn on their lights although visibility was so poor. i was behind this piece of carnival, third brake light spoilt, did not turn on any lights. com on ass hole, are you so poor until you wanna save your car battery or you are just one of those vicitims of petrol increase where it HITS you so hard because you drive a thirsty 2.5 carnival and that's why you are just too poor to afford a car battery or to fix your third brake lights. then there are a few idiots who turn on hazard lights and drive. 'use your brain' ok. really pity those parents who has such childrens who can even think logically and made us and themselves at risk.

August 15, 2006


exactly a year ago, today is where i started my first job after 3-4 months of waiting. before that, i was in kl looking for job and through jobstreet is where i found my current job, i remembered the first time, i saw the ad i was hooked to it, i prayed day and night so that i can get into it. damn it's a toy company, i'm sure everyone would like to join, work and have fun. when it comes to learning, i've definitely learn a lot and was given a lot of chance to enrich myself. the videos i've made for them is countless, i would say,if every piece of video i made cost rm2k, i will most probably be able to get a mvyi now, CASH! but sadly, i'm still a poor bloke. life in this co has been a very enjoyable one, i enjoy everyday and i'm eager to go to work everyday, guess that's a good sign afterall. i do not know how long more i'll be staying with them, but i'm sure if i do decide to leave, it will be hard one for me. why? well, for sure not because of chicks, because all i get from this co is over age chaps and ladies, they are just fit to be my god parents if i happen to want one. as for younger ones, well, they are some HOT ones. CUT THE CRAP, i'm off track, hahaha. everyone is so nice to me, though i do get enough pressure to burst a pipe once in a while, but i'm ok with it. anyway, happy one year for me and i hope i will not be late for work tomorrow as i remember on the second day to work, i was late, DAMN.

Sub Sandwich Way

Just tried out the Subway 6 inch sandwich moments ago, well, not to say that it's that bad, but i would still prefer the "i'm lovin it' outlet. i got hold of an italian bmt which has pepperoni, and bacon in it, and of course it comes with the healthy 'grasses'. well, never try their set as their chips happen to be mr. potato, yeah, subway, but serving local chips, goodness, ada class sikitlah, bagiler pringles. well, if you do not want the chips, you can have the option of taking the cookies which canto call 'lau fung' cause it was exposed to the air, should have kept it in air tight jar. yeah, add rm7 and you get a footlong sandwich, aiyo, that one, i think eat already sure 'lau sai' too healthy for me to chunk down a huge piece of juicy and healthy dick. first, you queue up ala deli france style, then this guy will ask you, what type you want, then after that, he'll pass you to the next lady and she'll ask you what fillings you want, that's where all the varieties of 'grasses' comes in, then pass to the next lady, she'll ask you, what dressing wouly you like sir, we have mustard, thousand island bbq, mayo, then, finally, she folds it and pass to the cashier. aiyo, one 6-inch sandwich 4 people made, no wonder our government keep on telling us there are jobs everywhere for us. and also, before i end, if you wanna refill your drink, RM1.

August 13, 2006

3 in a day!

woke early this morning like every other sundays just to give my darling a clean bath. don't get it mistaken, my darling here refers to my car, yes, my 11 year old trustworthy LVIN, well, i call it Lvin as well, hahaha, how lame of me. then somehow my bro got a call from honda asking him for a test drive because of our kiasu-ism in wanting to get a phone strap and a cd pouch. we tried that yesterday but the guy said, he'll arrange for us today. so after that we went off to test drove the civic 1.8, wanted the 2.0 but we were told no test drive for the 2.0 because of limited units, WTF does that means we need to test drive the 1.8 if i wanna get a 2.0, ridiculous, ok it was off to driving the car, actually, both of us test drove it when it first launched, but, because of the gifts, we acted childish, haaahaha. i didn't drive, while on the way back to the showroom, i saw a white myvi, yes white, i'm passionate with white cars, hehehe. guess what, we went over to perodua this time, test drove the mvyi, well, it was way below then i've expected, sluggish pick-up, but interior wise was spacious until i have a feeling of uneasiness as if, if something knocks onto the car i might be thrown around, maybe i'm just get used to my crampy Lvin. btw, we didn't get the gifts as promised by honda, u guys sucks, wasted our time, you proved that our kiasu-ism failed, reasons from them, room locked, cannot get it, @#%%^&

STOP, it's my turn!

Sunday the 13th!

Well, we get all the stories of friday the 13th being a day where everything will not be smooth and eventually something bad will fall on you. today, sunday the 13th, i guess i've seen more death a day more than ever. it all started out when i saw a modified e-class that looks like a supersonic car body somewhere in chulia street, and on closer look it's a hearse, well, luxury hearse i would say, parked in front of a coffin shop, ok dat was 1st, then 2nd somewhere in other part of town i saw a ceremony going on in one of the houses, that's 2nd, and near to the thai embassy, saw another hearse carrying another 'salted fish', ok dat's 3rd. tot i would end the day not seeing anymore death when i got home, but, like i always say, shit happens, the house next to mine, tents are building up, blue color, guards everywhere, well, wat else, another death. hmm, guess i will need to buy 4444 to strike.


Finally, after 2 weeks of madness the whole thing ended smoothly, was really happy that i've did a good job, not to praise myself, but just a gentle 'pat' reminder for me that i will not want to see things screw up. the annual dinner was great, had 3 artists that we've invited. first was spider, errr never really heard of them, but from one of the song they sang, i've heard of it. ok, will post up photos for u guys to see when i get it ready, second was saiful apek from spannar jaya, together the fatest guy in msia, kuman, then there's ezlynn from the show mentor. had a tiring night, but it was worth it, in fact a year passed by so fast, i still can recalled last year's dinner. well, time do fly.

August 11, 2006

Semi Final!

After 2 weeks of madness since coming back from jakarta, tonite, after more than 12 hours of work, i finally finish all my works that are meant for tomorrow's BIG day, i hope everything will go on well by then, after this weekend, i guess i'll most probably be very relax as i wanna compensate back my extra long working hour. till then, nothing can be predicted, as i always say SHIT HAPPENS. bout the pic, errr, took that in jakarta, YES, we don't have wendy's in msia, so i took my chance to tried it, well, not that enticing for me, i would just agree with their tag line, 'old fashion hamburger' hehehe, well, i'm still a big fan of 'i'm loving it'

August 09, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Today is my niece's 2 month old birthday, well, nothing to brag about since she's only 2 months, well, to me it matters. anyway, let us put our hands together and sing her a birthday song ok?
"happy birthday to you"
"happy birthday to you"
"happy birthday to chloe"
"happpppyyyyy birthdayyyyyyyyyyyy to you"

HELL break lose

today has been tiring and exhausting for me, i slept at 3am the night before, don't ask me why cause i don't know, all i remember was i watched austin powers gold member and american pie 123, GOSH, guess thoase are the reasons why i can't sleep. today i finally understand the meaning of 'oh see tek ng tak han' (no time to go and shit), well that is a direct translation from cantonese. i was really in the urge to go shoot it out from the morning until finally, min ago, it finally came out. i was too bz until no time to do so, DAMN, guess those phrase is really true after all. i had been so busy the whole day, thanx to last min work my co. gave me, well as usual, not dat i didn't plan well, just that the materials got to me late, managed to finish a video for this fri, then thought that i can try to piece the other video up which due this sat, but after like 5 hour, my idea was banned! DAMN it man, why can't you tell me earlier you want other stuff in it. at first i asked you, you said no prob, then now got prob, WTF man. Well, all i can say is, welcome to the corporate world. anyway, don't want to talk about it, well have a good sleep tonight and win my battle tomorrow.

August 07, 2006

Home Sweet Home!

What can be more wonderful than being in your own home, own town and do all the things that you've been doing for the past 20 years. i missed my folks, my doggie (collie), my 24 piece collection of skylines and best of all, my bed. i was in town last weekend and somehow, though it was only for 2 nights, i did lots of things, managed to catch 4 rounds of snooker with my buddies. talking about the ball game, haven't been touching it for sometimes. used to practice like 4 times a week when i was jobless, thought i could go pro, but too bad, it's just not my table of balls. then on sat, went window shopping, then it was with collie, my niece walking the park beside my house. had dinner wif my buddies that night, sort off like an annual dinner for TFLC (our co.), then off to 'satay celup', then bean sprout chic at 1am, gosh, eaten so much.

was driving back in my bro's car and i think i've gotten myself a 'red packet' that will send to me soon, DAMN.

Heaven & Hell!

I own a D50 and i'm proud of it mainly because i'm just a beginner in the photography world, even before i own the D50, i would go around with my Fujifilm F410 and my cam phone shooting around. then recently, i sorta own a D200, well, not to say i own it, but mainly 99% i'll be using it, it belongs to my dept. it's heavy compared to D50 for sure, even the price is two folds, GOSH, i describe it as heavenly for D200 as the weight is just nice for me though some find it heavy, the depth of field is amazing, very professional DSLR. as for D50, well, lighter it has a plactic body, easier interface, yet, i would not describe it as hell. well, what the heck, i own both camera and i sort of like my D50 more now, hahaha. my bro who had a chance to use the D200 told me, he would save a few more bucks just to get it rather than getting the poor image quality of D50. well, i don't agree, still the price is 2 times of D50.....

August 06, 2006


Waiter: would you like to try our today's special, pan fried chicken with mediterranian sauce?

Diner: how is it like?

Waiter: we pan fried the chicken and serve it with mediterranian sauce.

Diner: !#$%^^&*((&^%$$ (STONED)

WELCOME TO MALAYSIA guys, where everything can be so simple and straight forward. this incident was being witnessed by me last weekend. come on man, is this how you describe your special when you claim yourself, 'the best restaurant in ipoh malaysia serving halal western mediterranian (errghh, they mentioned it again) & european cuisine. btw, your food is worst than my dog's can food. can't imagine you quoated the best in ipoh malaysia, errr, yeah, maybe in your dreams.

Cathcing Up...

had recently came back from a biz trip from jakarta, spent another day there by myself just to explore the city known to others as DANGEROUS, well, BULLSHIT, what can be so dangerous when i can actually went, explored and i came back unscratched all by myself. in fact it's so safe as every hotels, offices, shopping malls, have its own securities to scan through you and your stuff before you can proceed. i ventured into a place called Glodok, (Chinatown) on my own, some place that not any weak- hearted people will go as it's so messy. this place is infested with DVDs at very cheap price, only 5000rph, (RM2.50) per piece, you'll not want to know how many i bought. overall, nice city, nice ppl, food, err, i had my fair share of visiting the toilet almost everyday, hehehehe.


It has been a while since i wanted to start a blog of myself since everyone i know seems to own one, so being the 'kiasu' (scared t lose) one since i'm staying at a 'kiasu-ism' (very) island currently, i would not want to be missed out for sure.

Like every chapter has its own introduction, i'll do mine, since this is my first time into blogging. as you know, my name is Lvin, and i come from a very peaceful town (too peaceful in fact) called Ipoh, spend quarter of my life there schooling and exploring what's best for me, i then moved to KL for my degree in one of the so called prestigious college in the country, well, i would call it blood sucking like any other LUCT-ians wouldl agree with me. 4 years in KL changed the entire me. Studyin in LUCT was an interesting one for me. The place is full of chicks and i mean pretty and loaded chicks, you'll have to be there to experience. OK, enough of the 4 years of studies.

Currently working with a toy manufacturer, YES, that is every BOYS dream to be able to work in a toy factory and at the same time have fun, isin't that great. My first job, after i'm jobless for almost a year since graduated with a degree in Mass Communications, went for countless of interviews like every suckers does, got rejected for various reasons, etc. not hype enough, not happening, WAIT aren't those the same reasons, what's with me being a normal lad, DAMN YOU:- GH $%&*#@!)*%

When everyone asked me what degree i have, and after tell them i have a major in Film & TV and reactions were, 'why aren't you in the TV station' DAMN it man, how do i know why those TV freaks just think that i'm not freaky enough to be with them, what can i do, but not too bad considering my job now has to do with my second major which is multimedia. I do video editing for the them and in charge of everything that has to be related to communications, trust me, you know nothing about communications when i meant that, part time IT support as well, sometimes, it's like a janitor work for me, but nevertherless i enjoyed it.