June 30, 2008

So Far My Biggest Decision! (Part 1)

Over the weekend in Ipoh, i made a BIG decision that might change my lifestyle for the next couple of years.

I've been discussing about this for sometime and finally after the right deal, i did it and now i'll have to wait for it and hopefully will not have to worry about it.

"You Should Have Guess What's It By Now"

I've never done this before but i guess it will be great to at least let me have some responsibilities.

Here, i have to thank my family especially mum and dad, wf, and an uncle whom we always approach him when he have such dilemma.

Final Verdict: No, i'm not getting married yet, fortunately (oopps). I'll be posting more entry on this from time to time until the big day itself

June 27, 2008

My 2nd Home!

Just want to show you where i spend my 9 hours everyday and 44 hours a week at. Below is my room at my workplace, quite new since i only moved in after CNY this year after being homeless for more than 1/2 a year.

OK, more about the functions of this room, which is call Media Room. It's a library, yes, a mini library, a control server for the company's plasma visual display systems, my desktop, company's archive and also server for uploading to the company's HR web. It is also equip with multimedia support that can cater to all staff at anytime.

"The First PC on the Left is Where i Work"
"Behind is Where the Archive & Library"
"That's The Entrance"
"More Books"
Not forgetting, this is also a recording room, yes, if you see properly the glass panels are double layer and the room is padded with 3 layers of sound insulation materials on the roof, and the three sides of the walls. It's also the only room that has down lights besides the GM's room, hehehe, What else... hmmmm, on yeah, it also has 2 air conds and blinds
Final Verdict: It's also known as Air Asia Ticketing Counter to all staff and the best of all, i'm the only one sitting in this room, no one else but me and myself...

June 19, 2008

It's In IT!!!

This is related to the 'My First' entry i've posted earlier on. Finally, its there. What's there you might be asking. Well, my participated photo was published HERE.

Here's an image clue for you to guess which is mine for those who don't know my name

"See the Moire Effect?"
Want to know what's a Moire Effect. This is what i found at Wiki:-
"A moiré pattern (pronounced /mwɑːˈreɪ/ or /ˈmɔəreɪ/ in English; [mwaʁe] in French) is an interference pattern created, for example, when two grids are overlaid at an angle, or when they have slightly different mesh sizes.
Moiré patterns are often an undesired artifact of images produced by various digital imaging and computer graphics techniques, for example when scanning a halftone picture or ray tracing a checkered plane (the latter being a special case of aliasing, due to undersampling a fine regular pattern)."
According to the guys at Nikonian, the Moire Effect has two reasons to be there, good and bad. Good being, the photo is too sharp until the effect is out, the bad will be, your client will screw you upside down for this, hahaha.

Final Verdict: BTW, manage to guess which is mine?

June 18, 2008

Food Shots

Recently i was asked to tried a few shots for a shop selling local delicacies. It was my first time shooting food and i can say it's not that easy, so you have to appreciate people who can make the meal look delicious in the menu.

"Kari Ayam"

"Fried Lice"
"Pei Tan Chuk"
Final Verdict: Do you feel hungry after looking at all the shots above, if Yes, then good, if not, then i'll just stick to shooting models from now on, hahaha

June 16, 2008

My First!

I had a great time yesterday attending the Basic to Intermediate Photography session by Nikonian Academy. It was no basic looking at the bodies and lenses that the participants had. If you are a PnS user, you'll look like a monk standing at Mecca, TRUST ME, get your $$$ and start investing on DSLR system and you 'll never look back (like i always say)

We had an hour of theory by Andrew and Sean. After that, it was off to the real thing. Personally, i think this class is more on introducing Creative Lighting System (CLS) which i'm hook on now. I guess i'll have to say, i love the flash from now on, no lights no shoot, hahaha. We were taught to also feel our aperture and shutter, haha.

Below are some of the 200 shots that i've taken yesterday. BTW, she is Jeslyn Lee from SGX Faces

"You Can Never Have This With Natural Lighting"
"One of My Favourite"
"Another One of My Favourite"
"This is Like 2 Images Stick Together"
"Notice the Lightings from both L&R"
Well, what can i say, i'm happy, i'm impressed, i'm so 'manual' (first time shooting fully manual), i'm hooked. It was a great day for me. BTW, if you are wondering, how the other lightings were being positioned, check out the image below:

"Our In-door Session"

Final Verdict: All shots taken using D300, 50MM 1.8D and SB800 on board not forgetting the rest of the 3 speedlights position differently, the stand fan, etc.. I really have a long way to learn and it's just a starting point. BTW, SB800, i'm coming for you soon, and i mean REAL SOON

June 15, 2008

Geli- lah...

Hi, i'm back once again after missing for more than 2 months. Hehe, what can i say.... i'm speechless, so just forget bout it, at least i still remember i have a blog call Deflecting Imaginations

Ok, wanna share the latest news with you, (will update the rest later) it happened today. I went for a so call fish therapy at New World Park, located off Swatow Lane today. The place is call Happy Feet Fish Spa

"Happily Being Eaten Alive by Big Ass ' Anchovies'"

Something SUPER NEW in Penang since it's the first to stop by (don't know how long it can last). I paid RM18 for a 30 minutes session where these fishes called Garra Rufa that look like anchovies on steroids nibbles on my feet like million of ants trying to to get up to my face through my feet. It was ticklish the first time i had my feet in, then after a while, you get used to it ocasionally having some bite, hahahaha.

"What Do You Think"

Final Verdict: It's rubbish, my feet were still not as clean as i've expected, get a foot massage, it's more worth it. These fishes have no live, they'll just nibble whatever shit on your feet for nothing until they die of too much shit of course (Yes, i saw one casualty floating around being nibbled by its own species, Double SHIT) For the meantime it's RM18 (Ok lah), so if you want to try it out, do it fast before it goes to RM28 (Better get yourself a Carl's Junior Superstar Meal and keep the change).