September 29, 2007

Marie Digby ROCKS!!!!

Final Verdict: I LOVE YouTube and Marie, YOU are bloody talented....

September 26, 2007

Jump Jump!

Its happy to finally see her summon the courage to ride the zebra after so many months, haha. Enoy the video but please don't charge me if you injured your neck while watching it.

Final Verdict: I tried sitting on it and bounced but not as good as her....

September 24, 2007

Visit Malaysia Year (VMY) 2007 (Part 2)

I was at Cameron, and one of the many places i visited was the Smoke House, nice English Colonial mansion, with great landscape, but too bad, you can't enter unless you are dining/ staying there which will cost a small hole in your pocket if you decide to do so....
"Smoke House, but No Smoke from the Chimney"
"Phone Booth with a Telekom Phone Inside, What a Spoiler"
"Because I Can't get inside the House, Smoke House:- YOU DESERVE THIS"
"That's Me, in case You are Wondering"

After the house, we went to few other places before we ended up at the Cameronian Bharat Tea Valley. Super Duper nice scenary from there, but the food SUCKS, the scones were like expired KFC bun, muahahaha.

"Imagine if i Act like her, will my blog's hit count reduce?"

After the Valley, we took trunk road back to Tapah, then NSH all they way back to Ipoh, and as i was mentioning earlier, the driving part, well, i hit 180kph on an Ultimate Driving Machine, (which was only a wake up call for the beast), Fuyohhhhhhhhhh.....................

Final Verdict: I had a fun weekend, but too bad (really bad), my DSLR was down, stupid battery, so all the pictures was taken using the digital camera which i never taught i'll be holding one for travelling after i own a DSLR....

Visit Malaysia Year (VMY) 2007 (Part 1)

A week ago, i was telling myself, how about travelling to other part of the states since it's VMY. Well, for one, i'm already in Penang, so, somehow i've contributed A LOT to the state. Hmm, how about other states? So, the journey began........
"Visit Malysia Year= Local Have to Act Nice for a Whole Year...Pity"

I was at Cameron Highlands over the weekend for a day trip. Didn't visit much places as there's nothing much to do except......err...anyway, there's nothing to do. OK, i admit driving there and back was fun...haha.

"Tiger Strawberry Juice.....Bloody Sour @#$%^&*"
"Strawberries as Dessert in a Chinese Restaurant, isn't that Cool Compare to Papaya, Honey Dew & Watermelon"

Continue in next entry..........

September 21, 2007


Yes, somehow, its Friday again, this is the only day of the week that excites me much. I get off from work at 4pm, I somehow (if lucky enough) will avoid the bridge jam, I get home early, get to watch my usual TVB series. Isn't it wonderful....

OK enough of me ranting, Ujin was asking me to "UPDATE YOUR BLOG lah" yesterday, so as a good blogger, i obey my readers' (or should it be reader's) request. I know i've been missing in action for almost a month. Well, that's my style, once i blog, you'll see me everyday, when i stop, then you can travel to China by ship and you'll see my new entry.

Last month, i've been to a few mamaks which offers great roti tisu. (Roti Tisu is a type of Malaysian Thin Pancake which looks like tissue). Normally, the tisu i've eaten most probably comes in the height of a 1.5L mineral bottle, but the one i went recently is twice the height and require two plates to support. Below are two examples of how Roti Tisu looks like. I've outlined it in red.

"Ching Eei was "SATISFIED" with the HUGE, THIN, & LONG Tisu"
"That's Another One, They Named it Roti Komtar, CW acting Paiseh"

Then, last week, i went to some so called Charity Sale. Well i'll just call it a "KiamSiap Charity". It was raining like there's no tomorrow, people were everywhere all over the place on a one way street which was converted into temporary stalls for the sale. Foods were freaking expensive (as usual).

"Wet & Messy"
"Pity the Shops which Houses Joints like Haagan Dazs, Coffee Bean...."

Final Verdict: That's all for now, will update you soon, once i get back from Ipoh... Ta Ta!