November 28, 2006

Product Shooting (Trial)

"Fortis Chronograph Spacematic"

"Tissot T- Touch"

"Mid- Span in the Evening"

"Have Petrol Will Go"

"Avenue 'something' at Bukit Jambul"

Final Verdict: Who wants to hire me for product shooting, landscape & architectural shoot, wedding (will have more photos posted on this topic when i try out my first wedding shoot this weekend)

Forever Young

"I'm still a baby, hooyah!"

"2 little cute felines!"


Well, who else could be more innocent looking than babies/ childrens. but things will eventually take turn when we get older and understand the term survival. from an innocent looking kid, we evolve to become a mean beast where battles of lives have to be fought to survive. how i wish i could be kids where there are no worries but happiness.

Final Verdict: Forget about what i mentioned, it just doesn't make sense after all.

My First Outdoor Shooting!

"LOTR scenes were filmed at air itam dam!"

"Land, Water, & Sky, ahh, How mesmerizing!"

"I feel, there will be something coming out from the calm water"

"Welcome to Air Itam Dam, Penang Island"

Last saturday, me and my bro, decided to grab some sunset photos last minute, so we drove ourselves to air itam dam but too bad the sun was gone, and what's left there were its ray, ok, doesn't matter, it's only out first outing and failure is just normal. nevertheless, arm with a nikon d50 and d200, plus nikon sb800 speedlight (which we didn't use, so does the tripod), 3 batteries, 3 memory cards, we set out to shoot whatever that we can. above are just some of the 200 over pics we've taken, ranging from skyline of pg, lizard, flies, waterfall, flags, etc etc.

Final Verdict: Definitely there will be another outdoor shooting for us as i'm beginning to feel the excitment of it.

November 23, 2006

After 24 Years!

"Mug shot, caught for commiting hair cutting"

Well, this week has been a fantastic one for me, for the first time in my life, i cut my hair short, and i'm talking about SHORT, well to think of it, it's not my first time, the first time, i did a flat top ala MC Hammer back in secondary years. that shocked my dad as he can even recognized me though i was just right in front of him, that's really sad. ok, back to this week, everyone in the company have been asking me WHAT HAPPENED! i have compliments ranging from good looking to 'are you sick'

Final Verdict: Why not you judge for yourself, hehehe!

November 18, 2006

Chicken 'Bits'

"20pcs of various parts of chickens"

"Doesn't it makes you HUNGRY"
There i was bitching about fast food chains in my last entry and now i'm talking about it again, this time, Mcd (Guess, i still worship them after all). Well, staff from the Golden Arch, don't be afraid, i'm not complaining about you this time but just wanna share some memories, that's all. Above are images of the 20pcs nugget from Mcd, i do not know if any of you actually seen 20pcs before but i would say it's very seldom you see people buying a box of 20pcs nugget from Mcd. Price at RM14.40 (somewhere there) it is definitely expensive as one would choose to opt for the value meal that comes with 6pcs nugget, fries and drink at half the price.

I remembered, the first i had this, was during my college years when a korean friend of mine bought it, and there were 4 of us, in the end we couldn't even finish it and we brought into the cinema (we also bought our own sets). That was the time i was amazed by the size of the box, and yesterday was the second time i've seen it after 4 years.

Just want to know how many of you actually bought this 20pcs before!

Final Verdict: 20pcs is just nice for me to have for tea time, hehe.

November 17, 2006

Fast Food Delivery SUCKS!

"Their OFFICIAL Sorry Excuse to GET RID of US"
"Their Conscience to Make Up with OUR Conscience"

Somehow, when i order delivery from all our famous chain, it will always arrive late, and i mean LATE, an hour later that's for sure. The first time was when i ordered PIZZA HUT, as usual, didn't appear, i called up, the lady said, motorbike tyre puncture, so need to wait, then just when i hang up the phone, the guy arrives. so that's fine, then the day before, MCD came an hour late, no reasons given. DAMN YOU (and i worship you all these while).

OK, then came moments ago, ordered DOMINO's, waited for more than an hour, called up twice and SCREW the lady (verbally, not phsycally), gave me the same old reasons, traffice jam, lost and finally the most used reason by fast food delivery chain "MOTORBIKE TYRE PUNCTURE". Hello, like i care if your motorbike caught fire or if you got lost (why hire some DUNGU who are not familiar with the areas in the first place) or had an accident, all i want is MY GOD DAMN PIZZA and it's past my lunch time. Then finally another guy took out the delivery job, arrived and sorry, than gave me THIS (see the top image).

WHAT, you are late for more than an hour, you just passed me a piece of "Sorry we were late" voucher. "TAI SAI" ahh, who is going to compensate my lunch hour, my waiting time, all you did was giving me a piece of sorry voucher and still expect me to call you again to buy pizza and use your sorry voucher? THAT'S CRAP

Final Verdict: Pizza Hut, McD & Domino's, just SHUT your delivery services as i can drive my car to your outlet, park, queue, order, find a place, eat, drive back and STILL have time to wait for you to deliver my FOOD! and also, it usally happen MOST on FRIDAYS. (you are smart enough to know the reason, don't want to provoke any issues here as our PM said, don't play with racial card, err poker!, 'chor tai dee' or UNO, last card!)

November 10, 2006


"look closely and you'll see the 'blue' ray"

This week had been tiring. been through a kaizen, some trainings and non stop work plus catching drama series on tv and trying HARD to logging to the net (STREAMYX, SCREW YOU). then this morning as i was driving to work from island to the mainland, rays of blue strips greeted me and that really made my day. it immediately reminded me of the scene in torax3 where the japanese kamikaze were flying on their way to pearl habour when the sun comes out and it resembles the japanese imperial flag and the pilot was saying"even god is on their side", well just because the sun resembles their flag, duh.

Final Verdict: I WANT A GOOD REST!

November 05, 2006

Mini Me

"Mini Me Nissan SKyline R34 by Nikko RC"
"Mini Me BMW M3 (Imaginary)"

Recently i found out that Nikko RC has some new line up which are 'Squeeze Up' japanese sports car. i really like the Nissan Skyline (above pic) very much since i'm an avid collector of skyline die cast. but to think of it, after paying RM110 or RM140, i'm not sure, would i be fully utilizing it. Hmm, maybe i can just put a box on top of it and radio it all the way to the kitchen and ask someone to drop me an instant noodle (readily cook of course) and then drive back to my room. now that would jutify my money well paid then.

Then i received some forward mail which consist of cars which are all photoshopped to smart4two version, eg, like the beemer above. doesn't that look like the mini me skyline by nikko? i don't mind driving such version of a skyline around town as it will be cool.

Final Verdict:- Can Nissan produce such 'compact' skyline thus making the price 'compact' for me to afford one real thing?

November 04, 2006

Baton or French Loaf or Baguette

"Baton for sale, only RM 0.95 cents"

Came across this when i was at tesco earlier, i found it weird to name a short baguette, BATON, hmm, looks like cops out there will have to start carrying these BATON BREAD while patrolling so that they can munch and protect at the same time.

Baguette is long and thin, french loaf is somehow shorter and fatter, then there's baton which is shorter than french loaf. so, what's after BATON? STICK, PEN, PIN, etc etc

Final Verdict:- lets just chew it and see whether it is as hard as a baton!

November 03, 2006

Colorful World!

"'Kolam', an indian rice art decoration"
"Spindles for parts racking"

Recently, i have been taking quite a lot of photos on the Nikon D200 and i can tell you that the images produce by the 200 is amazingly superb compared to my d50, hmm, maybe i just need a better lens, still saving for that. year end is coming and i'm sure a lot of us out there will once again be indulge into holiday mood again, though we just came back from a festive holiday a week ago. anyway, just enjoy the 2 pics i've taken using the d2oo.

Final Verdict: Expensive, bigger, heavier does amount to its value after all.