January 20, 2010

Angry Man

I realize facebook is changing me into my real self, and with this i mean, i curse and scold people to the max using facebook. I wonder what's going on with me, maybe this fb thingy is really bringing out my true self. Yes, i'm a person who likes to complaint a lot but as an Asian, we were taught to shut up and forget about it when things happen.

Talking about twitter, the trending topic currently is #yorais, a topic specially created for our old fashioned IT minister. These topics are just pure crap talking about how ancient he is that he's not able to accept the truth that the Internet has move on to such great height, follow me on twitter @drdoomjr and you'll know what i means.

This old fella got famous when he scolded our reporter for using English when talking to him, it pisses me off to see him reacting this way when we are so call 1Malaysia....1 What!!!! Oh yeah, 1Malaysia wasn't established yet...

Check out the edited version below, look for the original one and u'll be amaze how our tax money are spent on such character



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