October 31, 2006

It Has Been a While!

I guess, it has been sometimes since i last blogged, hope i'm not losing my reader out there, though i do not even know if i have any. well, i've been sick since yesterday and the week before had been busy with work and holidays.

Well, last month had been a great season for Msia, thanx to the annual haze that has been fogging which started few years back. since then it has become an annual weather. i guess i'm not the first blogger writing about this, in fact a few blogs that i've readhad already been complaining about the fog.

Anyway, since i'm still unfit for the moment, i'll be back for more interesting entires, stay tune.

Final Verdict: I'm sick yet i still wanna write something so my readers will stay on with me, hehe.

October 13, 2006

Penang Penang!

"Sperms trying hard to fight for hole in one"

Finally, i've completed my Frontpage course after some official training, hmm, guess i'll have to ditch www.blogger.com and create my own interface for my blog in the future, hahaha. but nevertheless, i did learn something new regarding web creation, though i've also learnt dreamweaver before this, but, sometimes you just need to learn how to walk before you run. well, typical jam on a weekend at penang bridge as you can see from the image above plus today there were 4 cars pile up after the toll, so that made things worst. when are we gonna get the 8 lanes instead of the 4 lanes we have now, DAMN.

Final Verdict: Just imagine when you suddenly wanna 'pang sai' in this kind of situation, most probably you'll do it inside your car with a plastic bag (if you happen to have one)

October 11, 2006

Gila ahh! RM119!

"That's one Evil smile from her"
"Whatya looking at, Get a Life"

My niece recetly turned 4 month old and in Penang (or maybe chinese belief), she must be given a pair of shoes so that she can wear it on her BIG day, we were at gurney plaza the previous weekend looking for a pair of errr, i would not call that a shoe for her size, hehehe, ok, for a pair of 'bottom mitten'!!!!!, i would say. i agreed to sponsor and we came across Timberland, looks cool at RM119 a pair and that's before 20% off. In the end, her parents decided to get her a cheaper one (way cheaper one). well too bad, guess she'll have to get bigger before i could get her a comfy pair, hmm croc maybe. also, notice her hair, hmmm, wonder how could i get it down, she looks like some freaking frankenstine style now, hehehe.

Final Verdict: Elder people do not believe in investing expensive shoes for their infant because of cost (yeah, who wanna pay hundred over for a pair of shoes made of excessive unused cloth).

October 07, 2006

Annonymous Visitors!

Being a new blogger like myself, it's really happy to see that my hit counter is increasing everytime i checked my blog, but i'm really curious who actually visited my site? well, i would appreciate if you guys can at least give some comments on my entires so that i can know who are my regulars and if you have a blog, i can add you into my list as well.

Final Verdict: Curiosity Kills the Cat, but not me!

October 01, 2006

Lexus Harrier Ad!

Recently i came upon a Lexus Harrier print (above). it seems that almost every car ad will have such a concept where the car will race towards an exit with lights trailing all the way. so, what do you think of the ad above? WELL, I LIED, the shot was taken by me on my way back at the NSH tunnel after the jelapang toll. hahaha, well it look kinda similiar to the honda accord ad right.

Final Verdict: too bad it's a harrier, i'll be delighted if it's a skyline.