March 01, 2007

'Life Principles'

I've never blog about 'life priniciple' before so i thought, why not, for once i'll bored my readers with what we are facing everyday but would not want to admit that we are. Deep doesn't it.
The first image will just be a chart where almost everyone will follow or have been doing all these while, guess now, i'm in the buying house stage and i'm late, DAMN.
Second image is somehow very true reflecting my own self. I remembered last time when i was studying, i was so eager to work and see the real world. All these is because of the exams and assignments given during the studying years. Now that i'm working, i really miss my secondary years plus of course my colleage years. Imagine waking up at 8am when my class starts at 8am, hahaha, student pass for movies. i was then a movie freak, frequent the cinema at least 2-3 times a week, shopping center is just pure boring to me as i go there so often and i start to believe that i'm working there as well.
But no worries, i'm not dying to get married like what the quote suggested, i just want to enjoy my life now as i'm still young, there are lots of things out there waiting for me.
How About You?
Final Verdict: Life is still life no matter how ugly it turns out to be......