June 15, 2010


I just read through some of my previous post and i've been realizing that i've been crapping about blogging and everytime i did so, i disappear for months. i just miss my consistencies that i once had.

Anyway, lately i've been heavily active in Facebook and for Twitter, i chose to be a reader more than a contributor. For those of you who are interested to know me more, i suggets you add me in FB with this email of mine: drdoomjr@hotmail.com

I just came out with a term, Facbook Food Blogger for myself since majority of the photos that i post there daily involves food that i consumed.

Anyhow, i'll try to blog at least once a week so that i can share with you the stuff that i experience everyday, then services that we get in lousy Malaysia and of course interesting stuff that i encounter.

Sorry readers, Lvin shall try to prove that he still loves this blog....


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