August 23, 2007

What a Day!

"That's the spot where the screw was 'screwed' onto my doughnut"

Got down from my car this morning at work, as usual, made my round check on my car (i'm a pathetic) to see if there's anything wrong and to my surprise, found a screw lodged onto my front tyre. Took time off and got it patched up.

"Personally i think this shot was done nicely, great lighting"

Then went to 'snake' around for petrol then rewarded myself with a RM1.50 hot dog, well that's cheap if you compare to those selling at 1901. Then went shopping at the employee store and bought about RM100 worth of toys... (DAMN, my company is in a way stealing my money by enticing me)

"I just realized after all these years of eating Mcd that on the brown paper bag, it features up rising sportsmen, I bet you didn't notice that"
And talking about tonight, i was left alone at home, so i have to 'eat' myself and as usual Mcd will be my choice when i have to deal with dinner myself, Big Mac set and this time added the nuggets as well, Yummy, I'm Lovin It.
Final Verdict: Bad morning, but i managed to made it up.

August 22, 2007

Video Posting!

Hi, i'm back again after missing in action for sometime. Finally, i get to know how to post video through YouTube, all the way into my blog. OK it might sound silly, but i do not explore all these things all the time. So it's just by coincidence that i want to try out whether embedding the code will work or not and it turns out fine.

Final Verdict: Saw this MV before but i felt it sounds kind of touchy though i do not know what's the meaning of it, but it sure feels good to have such romance where you'll normally see in TVs....

August 11, 2007

Weekend Breakfast!

"Not the Actual Roti, but it Looks Very Much Like This, Minus the Purple Onion"

Ever tasted roti canai, in this case roti telur (since i like roti telur soooooooooooooo much) which was served with the usual roti and the egg inside was half boiled and a littile bit of sunny side up? Imagine the horror, if one of your usual mamak serves you one plate of those.

Well, this happened to me, when i was at my usual weekend breakfast place at jones road. Apparently, the previous owner which served the best roti canai in the whole of penang, (accodring to my taste) decided to venture their family business down south to johor. Sad isn't it.

Final Verdict: Now, i'm left with no place for roti, my crave for 2 pieces of roti telur is gone, (roti served with purple onion, arghhh...)

August 09, 2007

Must Remember Today!

"Learning English is Easy as ABC"
"Sexy isin't it"

Somehow, it just feels good when you see your work being display and viewed by others. In this case, by almost 3k people around my workplace. I came into this plant after graduating and was given the role of communication and multimedia. Creating video is part of my my daily task, and also at the same time, i was given the chance to help create email send outs, posters, and banners for publicities. The first banner on top is for my company's recent English Week, yeah, isin't it fun to work in a company that actually, somehow resembles your university years. CLICK HERE for more of the English Week. Second image is one of my recent design to boost my company's output to 4.2 million cars per week. (YES, you did not have to see that statement again, we are indeed producing 4.2 millon cas every week for the enitre world, Toyota is just loser) My aim, will be: I want my work to be display all over (the country, as a starting) and be remembered. Hopefully this can be done soon.

Final Verdict: It sure feels good when people tell you a good news that benefits yourself. For this reason, when you see me, please say "Are you Feeling Great", and I 'LVIN' shall buy you an ice cream.

August 08, 2007

Additional Gadget!

"Weighing at More than 20+ KG, This Unit is Heavy"
"My New 20" Wide Screen on the Left and My Existing 19" on the Right"
"Old & New, See the Differences in Them, They are Tall and Heavy""My Desk, Just Re-layout this Morning, Pardon the Dirty Floor"

Finally, my awaited workstation is here after a long wait joining my exisiting 1 year old +unit. Weighing more than my niece, it took me a trolley and 2 person to carry this new baby of mine. If you see properly, you'll be able to see that there's a steel bracket at the bottom to support this unit in case it not properly placed to prevent it from falling aside.

Final Verdict: Will update you once the whole system is in place. It will be a fun week for me, anxiously awaiting the setting up of this entire system...... Com on guys, i'm getting restless

August 03, 2007

Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da

OK, i admit the 2D Simpsons Movie was entertaining, though all the jokes were the usual ones that we've seen, heard or even performed before. So what, if it's a stupid movie, you only need to pay RM8 and you get one hour plus of laughter non stop.
I'm never a simpsons fan, in fact i've never properly watch a complete simpsons show before. The only good thing i did was to finished up the whole simpsons game in my gameboy last time. Hereby, here's a few tips, if you wish to watch this movie:-
  1. Watch it on a Monday after work when you feel that the world has no sense of humour
  2. Wear the simpsons shirt that can be found at the bossini shop now (not that expensive though) and be proud about it
  3. Always munch and gulp the popcorn fast or else the one sitting infront of you will have never ending corns on his/ her head.
  4. You have to remember the song: Spider Pig, (Lets sing togehter) "spider pig, spider pig, does whatever, a spider pig does, can he swing from a web, no he can't, he's a pig, look out.................. he is a spider pig"

Final Verdict: I LOVE FRIDAY, my working initiative is only 2%, 1% for staying awake until 4pm and the final percentage is for taking my time to blog here

August 01, 2007

Yummy Yummy!

"All Time Favourite: 'Kei Lap Fan'"
"Assam Prawn, Nothing in Penang Can BEAT THIS"
"Sam Wong Tan, Don't Waste Your Time Trying to Make One, Just Pay & Eat it There"
"Only in SHK, You'll See This. Latest Tech to Reduce Noise"

What's a trip to Ipoh, without indulging in good local food. (Penang may be good in local food, but Ipoh is not that bad either) OK, i know i've been blogging a lot about food recently, hey, i just can't STOP eating these few months. Maybe because i'm going through my second stage of growing process (DAMN, at the age of 25, i'm still growing, well it's good after all considering how 'tall' am i)
OK, let me introduce to you one of the MUST VISIT eatery in Ipoh when you are around. Located at Leong Sin Nam street, this shop is call Sun Hup Kee (SHK), spanning a history of more than a decade, it has been my favourite eating place since i was in primary school. Famous for their "Kei Lap Fan" or better know as chicken cube rice, this is one of their specialities besides the curry fish head, assam prawn and also "sam wong tan" which means the dish is actually a plate of steam egg with salted and century eggs inside.
One thing i must warn you when you visit this place, is to be prepared to get restless as the environment is SUPER NOISY, customers tend to talk loudly in a confine one shop lot unit. That's why they sticked lots of absorbing sponge on the ceiling whch i doubt will produce any results considering how chinese people dine. "Wherever there are chinese people, it'll always be noisy and merry"
Final Verdict: Give it a try the next time you visit ipoh, you'll definitely have good memories. Also, i was told by a reader of mine (whom only reads my blog when she's boring) that i write too much and she wants to see MORE PICS. so in a way, she's asking me to SHUT UP and just TAKE MORE PHOTOS, hahaha, she's none other than Jess Lim. Btw, thanx for the feedback. For those who missed out the reason why i created a 'Final Verdict' at the end of every entry is to summarized some of my long winding entry in case you do not want to read the content.