September 26, 2006

Decent Malaysian Drivers!

Well, when it comes to driving in msia, it's either you enjoy or you hate it. we have 14 states in msia and rank among the most 'brutal' drivers comes only from a few states mainly from penang, which is famous for hogging the lanes, perak, good for beginners, but lately it has evolve to become a dangerous place to drive, kl drivers are famous for fast and reckless, if an accident happen, both drivers will get down and start with cursing and ended up with bashing. well, not to say other states are well behave, but i'm sure there are fair share of 'idiotic' drivers out there.

I was surfing to the (a must for everyone who travels on the bridge everyday) and i was shocked to see such organized traffic on the bridge. all cars were well spaced with the 2 seconds rule, especially the picture: 'end of bridge, prai'. anyway, bravo and good job to you guys, guess my assumptions were wrong after all.

Final Verdict: Malaysian drivers will still be Malaysian drivers after all.

September 23, 2006

Creativity Gone Wild!

What do you think? i seriously thinks that it is bloody ugly on the back bumper with all the so called 'checkered flag' motive on it. this is a promo myvi from standard chattered bank promoting their fast loan approval scheme.

Final Verdict: This is why LimkokWing is such a famous uni, well, i was part of LUCT too, hehehe.

$$$$$ MISSING!

"Tracking bar dismantled" "Worn off 11 year old tracking bar"
"Trying hard to change the tracking boot"
"Spanking new tracking bar"
"Finally, last check, everything's fine"

This morning, i went over to have my car check on the alignment and balancing, and i ended up spending a few hundred when the guy found out that my tracking bars have started to show age of old-'ness' then four of the cover boot were also worn out, in the end i changed everything in pairs. well, a 11 year old car, what can i expect, so not much things that i can say but to change for the sake of my beloved 'Lvin" and myself.

Final Verdict: If you love your car, no matter how old is it, you'll spend for it

Memories of Mount Kinabalu 06'

" At Pengunting Lagadan Hut"
" Me at the TOP, Lows Peak!"
"That mountain is also behind the RM1 note"
"Group photo on the final day"
"Now Everyone Can WAIT, thanx to this flight"
"Sabah @ bird's eye view"
"Bloody expensive instant noodle at RM7 per bowl"

Final Verdict: I Miss KK!

September 22, 2006


Last weekend saw me and eight others of my collaegues flying into Sabah for our long awaited hike:- the mount kinabalu. it was a 4 days 3 nights trip. we started off in pg, flying to kl, then from kl to kk and the same way back. took air asia. the flight over to kk was smmoth, everything was in time and in fact too early, hahaha. when we reach kk, the first thing we did was to go seafood, we ended up in the most expensive seafood restaurant in town (as i was told), spent almost RM700 for the seafood, but the buttered cheese lobsters were heavenly. then it was a 2 1/2 hour drive up to kk park, it was raining all the way since we touched down at kk aitport. one of my colleague vomitted all the seadfood on the way up, what a waste, she should have gulp it back in, hahaha.

The next day we started out our journey to laban rata which is 6 km from KK park, well, the 6km is a never ending trail from timpohon gate. i was 'tah pau-ed' at after 1KM, nearly fainted and died on the spot, then i decided to gave my 7kg bag to the potter. those guys are amazing, they can carry up to 70kg, you'll have to see to believe it. after almost 3 hours we reached laban rata, had our light lunch and went straight to bed at pengunting hut which is 200 meter above laban rata. early morning on sunday, we started our journey to conquer the peak at 2.30am, the hike up was amazing, dark and the best thing is you see a trail of lights all the way from the peak to the bottom emitted by the headlights that hikers carried. somehow me and my other guy colleague got off track and we were stuck in the middle of no where before we got rescued by our guide. also, not only us, we were surprised that they were two more girls that was lost like us too, but they were worst because it's their third time there and yet they got lost.

I reached the Low's Peak before 7am after sunrise, but nevertheless, i'm happy to have conquered it, i cried when i huged onto the sign as i was too happy, then after that it was hell of a hike down to laban rata then another 6 km down to timpohon gate with rain pouring over me.

FYI, the whole journey up to the peak is 8.5KM, we stayed at mersilau on the last night, a very nice resort which happen to be another route for mt. kk. then the next day we were stuck at kk airport because of air asia, engine leak, and, DAMN IT, delayed, as usual, and i came out with a tagline for them, "Now Everyone Can WAIT, then Fly", because of that we had to spent on RM7 for the most expensive instant noodle i've ever had, but i've managed to con 3 cups of water from them through persuasive sweet talk to the air stewardess, forgot her name, but she's quite HOT.

Final Verdict:- It's a chance of a life time, its either you go for it or you forget about it!

September 11, 2006

Gone WILD!

Isn't this cool if i can make into car stiker!

TFLC: Visionary Company

Over the lonely weekend, i've created 2 logos for my own pleasure! well, one LVIN, bascially, my own name with the blog add under it and another one TFLC, hmm talking about TFLC, this has been our (me and my buddies) visionary (imagination) company, hmm talk about childish, we have lots projects established under TFLC, furthermore we have hq in new york, penang, kl and ipoh. hmmmm, forget what i said, all these could only be understood by my pals.

Final Verdict: This is what happened when you are left alone over the weekend.

Transformers Anyone!

Still remember transformers? well, if you are born in the 70s and 80s, the chances are, you are one of the follower of this series. who doesn't? well of course besides this, we still have MASK, STARCOM, THUNDERCATS, HE-MAN, etc. Gentlemen, behold, the 2007 Optimus Prime. Took about cool

Final Verdict: Come on everyone lets sing it out LOUD:-

"The Transformers, More than meets the eye, Autobots wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of the decepticons, The Transformers, Robots in disguise ,The Transformers, More than meets the eye The Transformers"

September 10, 2006


Final Verdict: kids nowadays!

Great Merdeka Weekend (Nah!)

Besides the wedding and funeral that i've attended last weekend, i also have great time back in ipoh. a series of pictures above would basically explain what i've did during that 5 days back in 'ee-poh'

a few things that i would like to inform you guys:-

1. never dump the whole pack of angel hair into the pot if u only serve 5 person, to be safe, just stick back to spagetthi or fettucine.
2. when is the smart tag in penang gonna learn, for god sake, please do somthing about your sensor, screw you, why is it touch and go is faster than smart tag.
3. sometimes, babies are sick of milk, let them have something 'kaw' instead for a change
4. what the chinese saying 'hak tou lai cheng see' scared until green shit comes out is TRUE, my niece did is, i never see it, but my source told me, it's green.
5. plasma tvs doesn't really last, mine is showing sign of ageing after 2 years, luckily it's way cheaper now.
6. ever follow behind a hearse before? i did it, i over took every bugger and ended up behind sam dad's hearse on the way to the funeral parlour, keke.

Final Verdict: Lazy to write, so let the pictures do the talking!

September 05, 2006

Offences Became Cheaper!

Guess what, our government just came out with price slash on offences. this means we can speed, commit more offences without fearing it as some of it had gone down to 50% cheaper. hmm, does this mean we should not be bribing them anymore when we get caught as it's cheaper now. for those who are not familiar with our system, well, in malaysia we have mega sales 3 times a year where shoppers will go frenzy shopping, and at the same time, our police force too have mega sales on all unsettle summons. YES, we malaysian, after receiving our compound, will not go to pay immediately, because somehow we know that one day we'll have 50% off. welcome to malaysia where everything is possible (truly malaysia boleh)

sometimes i'm really confused, is the government just compasionate enough or they are just so lame that they do not have enough police to issue warrant and look for them, and at the end of the day, DISCOUNT!

Final Verdict: Just go and mess around, offences are getting cheaper plus mega sale is at the corner

September 01, 2006

Journey Ends!

Today, 1st of september, to many of us will just be a nice weekend awaiting us for a relaxing 2 days before monday comes. my buddy, sam lost his dad early morning because of heart failure. it makes you wonder why good men have to leave this world sooner than those bastards who are left here to make our lives miserable. anyhow, life still have to go on, i sincerely pray for him and his family that they'll be abe to overcome these moments soon.

Final Verdict: life is just to short for us, things can just be gone in a second.

(Continue 4th Sept)

It was really a scene on sunday when sam's dad headed for his final journey to be cremated. i cried out just like what i did 6 years ago when my grandpa passed away. the situation on that day was tensed, with such situation happening in front of your eyes, it really just struck you right on your head telling you "CHEERISH EVERYTHING". anway, everything's over, may the rest, rest in peace, and may those who mourn will soon overcome everything and fullfil their dreams.