June 30, 2007

Birthday This Year!

"Bunch of Buddies that Celebrated My Birthday"
"2 of my 6 Buddies"
"Feel LIKE Whacking Him with a Japanese Sandal? Go Ahead"
"Tasty Creme Brulee, Italian Version of Our Custard"
"My Piece of FOC Cake from TGIF"

Went back to Ipoh last weekend to celebrate my BIG Day, hahaha, yeah, but too bad this year, i only had a few buddies celebrating with me, but nevertheless it was a great one. Had dinner at a chinese restaurant, then off to sing 'K' until the wee hours. Thank you for all the SMSes that you guys sent, but it was kinda weird, there are a lot of lost contact friends that sent me messages on that day but those that I'm expecting, forgot to send me any.

Then, the next day which was my actual day, went off to check out my new family member which i'll blog about it later when i get the updated version, haha, then off to Italia Mia, the one and only Italian Restaurant from Ipoh that is run by an Italian, family business though.

Drove back to Penang, had my final celebration at TGIF, requested a cake with NO shout outs from their staffs, or else, i'll have to stand on the chair with me wearing short pant and sandal, then wait for them to shout whatever thay want to. Hahaha, thanx to two lovely colleagues of mine, i had another belated birthday treat at Pastasia.

Final Verdict: This year was a great one, my present include starbucks voucher, toy voucher, a ferrari die cast car which i need to assemble myself, and lots of $$$$ (not gonna tell you how much for security reasons) and the last present i'm waiting is, WHERE IS MY GOD DAMN 55-200mm lens, so HOT meh, no stock until now.....

New Mall

"Latest Attraction at Mainland"

Visited one on the latest attraction in mainland hours ago. It is the Sunway Carnival Mall and yes, it's related to the Sunway group, so this will be their second mall after Sunway Pyramid. Located at the Seberang Jaya Business Center within the vicinity of Sunway Hotel and other eateries, banks and etc, this mall has 4 levels which is still not yet fully open but with our Malaysian culture, as long as we can make money, we open first.
So, if you plan to visit this mall, i would say give it another month and it will be just nice. Some major retails there would be starbucks, espirit and guess, either than these, it's just some normal stuff though the theree retails i mentioned were also normal stuff.
Somehow, i felt this mall has better amenities than Queensbay in Penang, at least the flooring were all sparkling tiles, not some 'faded second hand tiles' they have in Qbay. I witness a guard helping a woman with her stroller up the main entrance stairs, well i've never seen any guards at Queensbay though besides Jusco's.
Didn't take much photo as there's nothing much i can describe. Was delighted that they have few activites going on when i was there. Statue figures was one of it where the have people dressing like a clown then pretend to be statue and stand everywhere. I really do not know what's the purpose of it. Then there was bathing, swimwear show, break dance, yoga and dancing by some pretty hot ladies, (break dance was done but mat rempits though)
Final Verdict: Well, when you are bored of Queensbay, Gurney Plaza, Prangin Mall, really sick of Midlands and Megamall, you can be like me, drive all the way there from island, check it out, have lunch then drive back home. (Yeah, according to their directory, Drag0n-i will be opening there as well, this means there will be 2 Dragon-i's in Penang, but strangely, there are no indication at the Dragon-i website about them opening an outlet over at mainland. hmm, might it be another ciplak eatery which copy their style and call themselves Dragon-1!!!!)

June 27, 2007

Nikon D80

"D200's Little Brother"
I've blogged about the D50 that i have and also the D200 long time ago. Today, somehow, i got hold of a Nikon D80 which is position in between the 50 and 200. OK, the first impression was, look and handles great. The unit i had comes with a 18-135mm lens which i think is kinda cool. DOF is really smooth which is comparable to the 35mm on the D200, though i think the 55-200mm VR that i wanted will be better but it's out of stock, DAMN it. (Bear in mind, my D50 comes with a 18-55mm, so now i want something from 55 onwards though a 18-200mm sounds really great but the $$$$ isn't).
On the back, it looks like the D50 with smaller buttons and also combination of D200. Has some of the 200 features. Uses a SD card. Like i mentioned, the handling feels good with a balance weight ratio. In the menu, it has the editing options which you can crop and add effects on it, something new that now comes with the D40 and 40x
Final Verdict: D80 feels better than my D50, but still my aim will be the D200

June 25, 2007

New Family Member!

"Guess Who Am I"

Over the weekend in Ipoh, i did a lot of stuff, had a great time with my buddies, had endless nice food, serviced my car and the more interesting one will be the addition of a new family member into the Yee's family.
Can't reveal much now cause i was too excited until i forgot to take a photo of him. Ok i've mentioned him, here's another clue after the picture on top.
Final Verdict: Just stay tune to this site and i'll let you know who the he is soon.....

June 20, 2007

Transformers in the form of Nike Shoes!!!!

"Optimus Prime Was Made in China"
"So is Megatron, hmm, Make in China Transformers"
"Very Nice Packaging"
"I Wonder When They Transform, Will it Have that Sound"
"OK What are Those Shoe Laces for?"

Transformers, i mean my all time favourite mechanical guys are transforming from shoe. Marketing gimmick nowadays are really something. Imagine optimus prime was fighting against the megatron and suddenly 'je jeh je je tot' (sound of them transforming) into a shoe, and i mean only one shoe, not even a pair, then what is optimus prime gonna do, whack himself against the baddies like how the chinese 'tah siu yan'?????. Then megatron follows and 'je jeh je je tot' into another shoe, haha ok, what are they gonna do, start running 100 meters and see who is going win?
Ok, enough of bashing, though Nike likes to make both the leaders of good and bad into shoe, i mean at least make then one left and right, not just left side. I wonder what is the size?
Final Verdict: Though they look impractical, but i do not mind having one as collection.

June 19, 2007

The Long Awaited Event

"Me and the Beauties"
"Trying hard to smack those wasted food"
"Me belting out the "Kong Lu, Kong Wah' Tune"

After weeks of discussion, we finally had our first every 'young' outing last Friday. Well, when i mentioned we, it means the younger generations of my company. Believe it or not, everyone have been so busy that this is the first time we had an outing together after all these years. With the support of MIS, we have endless communication through various departments, from Training to LSC to Materials to Planning to Fianance, of course not forgetting MIS, hahaha. (We do have people from Engineering, but they have to Gemba everyday)
We had a 'fully stuffed' early dinner at Tao Autocity. Albeit, this is the first time i visited Tao and the one at Autocity is really exotic, you have to climbed hills, crossed the rivers in order to get to their outlet. We were lucky to have a room by ourselves. It was all laughing and eating throughout the whole 3 hours which i guess some of the guests were irritated by our ever high pitching laughter. Practically, we had everything from the first to the last item on their menu, hahaha talk about hunger and brutalities in consuming.
As usual, taking pictures will always be part of the outing, we had hundred of pictures taken and of course i'm showing you only the nice ones, hehe. After the eating session, we went to sing 'kara' at Citibox, and it ended with a smile for everybody, some tired, some still excited, but we chose to end the day early as it was raining and some had to travel 'oversea', haha.
Final Verdict: Still waiting for my 'I didn't know that...' entry, be patient ok. As for the guys and ladies in the pictures above, sorry i've sold you to the WWW, hey, my face is inside too, hahaha.
*Update* Somehow this piece of story looks like my company's newsletter entry, hehe.

June 17, 2007

Hello Once Again!

"My Early Years Were Spent Here"
"Where the Riches Meets the 'Poorlies'"
"One of My Favourite at Dragon-i"
"Meet My Friend, Mr/ Ms MEOW!"
"Malaysia, Truly Asia"

Hi, after such long time, i'm back again, a lot of things happened withing these few months, in fact i have a lot of things that i wish to share with you. One of it had been done through my last entry. OK, the above images are just fraction of pictures that i've taken during last few months when i didn't blog. All captured using SE K800i and also, Sony does not pay me for promoting this statement

In fact, i've promised a lot of people i'll have an entry with the title "I Didn't Know That..." So be patient and stay tune for new stuff.

Final Verdict: Just stay tune for something special.

So Long My Beloved Collie....

"Collie, RIP, We'll Miss You Always"

Ever felt how miserable was it to have someone dear to you vanishing from your life? The last time i had such feeling was when my grandpa left me 7 years ago before i got into college. Last Wednesday 13 June 2007, Collie left me and us. For those who knows Collie well, will definitely miss him. Collie is a Shetland Sheepdog which has a very gentle personality, will only bark when the house alarm, bell, phone rings and lost in chasing game. Either than that, he is always as calm as the sea. He once detered an asshole who tried to jump into our house.

Collie came into our family rougly around 7 years ago as a skinny and fragile stray dog who was picked up by a friend of mine. I adopted him few days later and since then there was no turning back. The furthest he travelled was to KL sitting beside me while i was driving. He had his 1 week vacation there staying at the apartment where i used to stay.

As time passes, we found out that he had kidney problem which was what caused his death. I would say from what i've understand, he died because he wasn't lucky enough to have a vet that cares for him, but instead chose to let go of him for $$$. Now i know how materialistic this world could become when $$$ takes over. Even dog still deserve a second chance to live.

No places would accept to cremate him and finally he was laid to rest in a 2 feet hole dug by my dad at my grandma's house surrounding.

Final Verdict: Collie, I'll always miss you and i'm sure i would not be able to have another you to be replaced.