March 31, 2008

Turk Mali

More about the title later, once again, i'm back after missing in action for quite sometimes. i've been thinking how can i get consistent at blogging and i came out wif a brilliant idea. you know at msn messenger, there's a column where you can write whatever you wish and it will appear next to your nick. OK, lets get thing straight and this will be a TRAC for myself. i'll update my blog whenever i change the column thingy at msn.

Over the weekend, i was busy with my car, had it service at 157k ++, then changed my 4 trusty, but harden michelin xm1 tyres. the last i changed it was like almost more than 3 years. so i guess it's time for me to replace it with something good.

No more japanese rubber this time, but italian, (is it italian!!!) muahahaha (like i drive an italian car). well for a change, i guess there's no harm. was recommended that this brand is comfy, soft, good water dispersion (all those shit that a tyre guy will tell you always)

" My Michelin XM1, managed to traded it in for RM45 per piece"
"The threads on my new rubber, i especially like the middle gap where it curves in nicely"
"It's the P400 Pirelli, Fuyohhhh, too bad it's not P6000"

So, i spent more than 1/2 a thousand over the weekend and i was looking forward to go back penang and test my tyres on the highway. the result came out terrible, the guy did a bad job on the alignment and it was swaying one side the whole journey. other than that, fantstic rubbers, went through the water perfectly just like Barum tyres that i used to own. the XM1 were disaster on water.

Moments ago, i went to have the alignment checked, got it done, became a member of the tyre shop where i pay an amount of fee, and i get to pump in NITROGEN whenever i like it, muahahaha (they'll be so afraid of me when i go there every fortnight). the membership will expire until i change my tyres.

" Turk Mali, Turkish sure have the same slang as Ipoh Mali"

Back to the title, my new rubbers were made in Turkey and on one side it's stated in English and on the outer side, it says Turk Mali, muahaha, Ipoh Mali.

Final Verdict: So overall, be it Pirelli or Barum, continential tyres are great on the road, i think i'll never look back on japanese tyres (only if i'm super broke). Can't wait to test out my perfectly tuned tyres with nitrogen in it. Coastal highway and Penang bridge, here i come.