July 16, 2009

BD: Pussy!

Two weekends ago, a pussy ran out to the road while i was taking a corner. So what did i do to get the casualty above?

  1. Took a corner from the main road
  2. Saw a cat on left shoulder of the road
  3. Blonde pussy decided to try its luck by running over
  4. Stomped my brake
  5. 'THUD'
  6. Look at my right side mirror: NOTHING!
  7. Fuck, is it stucked under my car since there's nothing on the road behind me?
  8. Stopped my car
  9. Got out
  10. Look at my bumper, no blood, nothing
  11. Look under the car, nothing
  12. 'PUZZLED'
  13. Went into the car & drove home
  14. Popped open the hood
  15. No pussy in the engine bay: Thank God
  16. Look at the bumper again
  17. Saw few strands of fur
  18. FUCK, paint crack
Well, that's what happened overall, i hope the cat still survive

Finally it's Over

Finally, everything's over after almost a week, i was back in Ipoh last week for the longest time ever using my own leaves during weekdays (this does not include CNY and shutdowns). Ah Ma, thank you for burning up all my leaves in one shot, hahaha.

It was a sad yet joyful occasion for us. Sad because we lost our family member, happy because we could gather (maybe for the last time). The possession took 5 days and we had to sing, kneel, eat tasteless food and laugh at the same time. Talking about laughing, we actually laughed infront of Ah Ma's coffin, forgive us as we were suppose to be sad and crying but we turned out to be happy. At least you know we'll lead a happy life after you've reach 'Kek Lok Sei Kai' (The Best Place in the Universe (Better than Heaven))

Below is a summary of my thoughts for the whole 'event':
  1. The next time you die, please make sure you've everything properly settled and discussed
  2. For 'don't know whoevers' sick' why do we need to sing to something we don't understand every night
  3. Vegetarian is tasteless, for those who are vegetarian: YOU HAVE NO LIFE, go get one
  4. Running a funeral parlour is a good business, consider one if you are jobless
  5. Those who decided to be kiamsiap when it comes to giving 'pak kam', com on ler, though we serve you vegetarian, doesn't mean it has to be less
  6. Kenneth Yee was formerly known as Ricky Yee, hahahahahaha

July 07, 2009

My Beloved Ah Ma!

My grandma just passed away about an hour ago. I guess now she can finally meet up wif grandpa in a land far far away. I hope they'll be able to meet each other and find eternity. Just want to let her know that i'm sorry i was not at your side when you went away. I'll always remember the great time we used to spent when i was younger.

Ah Ma, will miss you always....

July 04, 2009

Newly Weds!

Congrats to both of my (now no more available) colleagues. First up was Shirley, one of my lunch kaki and she's 1/2 japanese, yeah, how about that? hahaha. Her dinner was at E&O and it was a memorable one especially the food serving. Well, she used to work there, no wonder she can get the guys to cycle and march in for her.

Then it was Elaine, one of my outing kaki, the special thing is, we have the same surname. Her dinner was great too especially her stimming MC who was already half drunk even before drinking. "Ladies and German".....hahahaha.

Photography Time!

Its been so long i did not pick up my camera and go for shooting, since i was at the 6 star hotel in Penang for Chloe's party, i figured i should start shooting something which i normally will not. Enjoy!

July 03, 2009

Chloe- 3 Years!

Chloe, my niece celebrated her birthday 2 weeks before mine and she was fortunate to have a party thrown for her at Spce Market, Rasa Sayang. Overall, she enjoyed the day with colouring, balloons and we the adults, eating.
Chole & Her Favourtie 'Che Che' and below, The Yee Family
Chloe, the gang and the thick skin clown (like his birthday like that) who is capable of producing nice ballons by twisting and folding.

Burfday 2009

My birthday this year had been a great one, thanx for all the wishes. SMS dropped this year thanx to Facebook. I was wondering how come no one text me, then when i opened my FB, crap, all the messages were there. Times are so bad meh! few cents also wanna save, hahaha. I also have a topic speacially opened for me from SCM to wish me, thanx guys, Swift ROCKS!

Since working in Penang, i have joined a few membership from various brands. The most significant would be Braun Buffel, every year they will give me a bithday gift and this year they were kind enough to give me a bigger one. A shoe case made of leather, goodness, all these while my shoe bags were just canvas type, this is gonna be great, hahaha. (I'm glad my dear fought the renewal for me this year, hahahaha, she argues, i become the middle person.....)

I decided to pamper myself by buying a pair of classic shoes from adidas. Damn, their shoes are still bloody not comfortable to wear. (Well, i need this pair of shoes for work since my Nike can't stand me anymore and decided to peel off on its own).

Yeah, another membership of mine would be Haagan Dazs. Have been with them since the day i work in Penang, so their usual birthday gift was 20% off. So, with this, i had to treat few person and i decided to try their Chocolate Jouney which i've changed to not so chocolate as you can see below. Talking about this, my Swensens membership is gonna expire soon. I'm not going to lose this as it gives me super duper good deals.

Besides all of the above, other happenings would be my early birthday treat at Sire Museum, an over rated diner i would say. The best thing was we saw a local production having some shooting. Then on birthday itself, i managed to get a few colleagues to hang out after work at McD Auto City, thanx guys. Then i also had a treat from my department at Bkt Tambun, thanx and finally i know that my boss is cool and have balls, BRAVO. I was also treated to TGIF in an instant right after i wrote on my wall at FB that i wanted TGIF, DAMN, should have written Ferringhi Grill, hahaha. Actually a week before i was treated by my buddies in Ipoh too, nearly forgot that.
Anyway, i had a great one this year and i hope all of you celebrating out there will have a great one too. My celebration is still not over, i still have people owing me present and treat...hahaha. Also, i've bought myself another present today (since no one gives me present), will blog about it later.