June 25, 2009

Daddy's Day

What would you buy your dad, lets say he has eveything? (well, practically everything). Treating him to a dinner, i guess, thats a must, so this year me and bro decided to give him something special.

We treated HIS car to a super duper expensive (at least to me) spa. Yeah, give it a 7 layer waxing and polishing, clean the interior. All these took 10 hours. Yes, 10 freaking hours with 1/2 dozen of people cleaning it towards the critical hour. I'm still not satisfied with the interior cleaning where i think i can do a better job. Overall after RM630 poorer, at least they manage to clean the exterior quite well.

Well, i'll only be paying fraction of it, the rest will be bear by someone who earns more than me, hahahaha. If you are curious, the products used were Meguirs and the whole cleaning was done at Pro Car Care Centre at Ipoh.

June 20, 2009

WTF Haze!

I just can't believe this, the freaking indons are doing this again. Every year this time, they'll just have to burn something and freaking haze our country. And the best thing is our government is not doing anything about it for so many years, all they do is warn them and the burning continues, bloody fuck up!

So what you get with assholes neighbours burning and el nino weather? HAZE! As you can see the photos below, you can't freaking see anything at the background at 6 something in the morning. It's totally blank and there goes my lovely morning sight.

And why is it the photos are blur, well, its because i'm driving at the speed below as the photos were taken. Early in the morning, not much cars on the bridge, what you do? You speedlah of course, muahahaha.

June 19, 2009

Scrit Design

I always like Scrit design for their aftermarket exteriors. The first version was great but the back bumper is a bit over. Now comes the second version, subtle and aggresive at the same time. I really like the diffuser a lot, i wonder where can i get the diffuser itself instead of an add on on the back bumper with built in diffuser.

June 15, 2009

Monday Blues...

Its another Monday, hmmm, how long would it be to get to Friday... Can't wait for this weekend.

June 11, 2009

"Fortune Magazine `08- 100 Best Companies to Work For"

Well, that's in the United States of the America lah, here in Malaysia, i wonder what ranking?

Penang Turf Club

Over the weekend, the Penang Turf Club had open day where they get eveyone there to check out the turf. It was interesting indeed to be there to check out all the rooms, stuff and equipments they have, no forgetting the horses.

It was packed with lots of people, i was there for a short while and i had to leave, too bad, if not i would check out every single corner of it.

June 05, 2009

Penang Times Square (PTS)

Wanted to have dinner at New Lane just now, but was attracted to the lightings at PTS. Made a big turn towards there, entered their horrible car park, i bet if i'm driving the GTR35, sure cannot fit into their miserably small lanes.

Overall PTS will still need a very longgggggggg time before it can be operational. Only 1% of the shops were opened (mostly eateries with double stories which is a nice concept), besides that, you can just drop by at night to chill by their open area which is equip with a huge stage, water shooting up from the ground, mist shooting up from the ground, lightings shooting up from the ground and a giant snake and ladder there.

BD: My Pride: What Can I Say!

New Gadget

Lenovo T400 and Dock Station, looks really cool and solid. Centrino 2 Vpro (sounds really advance, haha)

Too bad, it isn't mine. I can only drool as i type this on my ancient, faded paint Dell Inspiron 6000. Apple Oh! Apple, when can i have you....

BD: SCM Convoy to Ipoh/ Kuala Kangsar

This is really a BD post i would say, all the members had already featured right after the trip. I wanted to revived the blog then, but i was too lazy.

Since owning the Swift, i join Swift Club Malaysia too and got to know a bunch of great Penang swifters (that's what swift owners are call though we can't fly but we drive as though we fly.)

My first outing or convoy was to Ipoh for breakfast with the Ipoh swifters, then off to Gunung Lang for a boat ride, then up to Kuala Kangsar for more shooting and finally back Penang for dinner.

It was a great outing and i'm looking forward to the next one, now that we have more members. I'm happy i chose my ride with my feeling and not masses.

BD: Astro WLT Award

Thanx to Astro, i do have a lot of chances attending free events. The recent one will be the WLT award in Genting arena of stars. I've taken more than 200+ photos and my final outcome is my 200mm is not long enough, very the sad. I need at least 300mm, who wants to sponsor me.
Its amazing how girls can be so fanatic towards artists. My girlfriends were shouting like school girls while we were at the red carpet. How i hope they'll scream at me this way, hahaha.

BD: Mah Lat & Make it Happen Trips

For the past 8 months, i've been extensively travelling to KL for every 1-2 months just to meet up with my buddies. I call it the 'mah lat' trip since it only involves guys at first, then as girls started to join in, i have no choice but to name it 'make it happen' as some of the guys started to miss the events.

Our 'mah lat' trips were all healthy except when we go 'wash cloth/ eyes' at laundry. We explore the kl tower, klcc bridge (yes, you have to wake up at 4am, then go queue, or else you'll have to just admire from the bottom), look out point, genting, eyes of malaysia (which is now in malacca)and beaches in penang as well since the trips normally start from central then up to north.

Below are series of images from all the trips, enjoy. (Next up: Danok)
P/S: Forgive some of my posing photos, i know you won't enjoy and also yes, i do wear spectacle for sometime then i found out, i don't really need it anyway, wasted 1K, wtf, but it's ok since it's sponsored by the government and my company.

BD: Friday, Yeah!

Ok, since i've missed out on blogging, i'll back date some of the events from time to time. So for past events, i'll have BD at the title.
My colleagues and I used to have Friday outing after work until one of them left for Sg, then the whole group becomes so decent as we go home after work at the end of the week. Sucks isn't it. Recently we had a BBQ party next to Sg. Rambai, thanx to Eve. It has been a long time since all of us group and have fun together with new colleagues who recently joint as well.

We were drunk (especially the guys) at the end of the party because we found a master who can brew liquor from various herbs, (whatever you can think off). Imagine naming a liquor after Mao Ze Dong, 'Che Lai, Che Lai, Che Lai.....' hahaha.

My Latest Crave!

I'm a weird person when it comes to food. Don't ask me why. I go, eat, get full and sleep.

I don't eat mandarin orange (yes, i'm a chinese). So every year when it's near CNY the whole office will have these oranges all over but i decline them all. I don't eat pomelo as well. Dun ask me why coz i've never tasted mandarin orange and pomelo before. They just do not interest me.

There are other stuff that i don't eat, like chicken leg (which is bloody disgusting, imagine licking people's feet), 'spare parts', stuff which have weird color:- purple.

Somehow, when i started working in Penang, i've crave for 3 items. First will be ladies finger, then steam pork rib from the dim sum and recently 'vade' which is my version of indian doughnuts

The next time you drop by any mamak, be sure to get one and try. Choose the one which looks crunchy and you'll know how i feel. These 'vades' have been my breakfast together with toast for the week.