May 27, 2009

Freaking Dust!

I was at Juru Villa to check out their semi d and bungalow units over the weekend. One thing i learnt was, never go to any showrooms which are situated at the site itself especially when contrcution is going on.

That was the dust collected on my car's rear wiper less than 1/2 hour while i was there. It's an inch thick and it followed me back all the way to island. Just imagine how the rest of my car looked like.

Free Sushi

What would you do if you have RM120 Sushi King vouchers? I was at e-Gate outlet for the last 2 days just to finish it before it expires end of the month.

Monday, i paid RM8+ and Tuesday i paid RM4.50 for all the stuff i've eaten at Sushi King after taking away RM120 & 20% off. Well what can i say besides saying 'Arigato' to Sushi King an also HSBC (well, not really HSBC cause i had to spent to get those vouchers). And the best of all i paid the amount using HSBC card, no cash involved. You go in, order, eat, pay, and leave.

Anyway, the food at Sushi King still SUCKS BIG TIME except their Egg Mayo

May 23, 2009

As Promised!

Hi, as promised, i'm back and i'll try my best to sustain my blog with at least 2 entries per week. Hmmm, where should i start, there's so much that i wanna blog about since i'm MIA for so long.

Ok, lets start with the recent one and i'll slowly back track. I was at Auto Bavaria Penang yesterday for their so call 'Supper Appreciation'. I had 3 pieces of roti telur, a drumstick and a cup of teh tarik, all thanx to BMW. (Though i don't own a BMW, but hell yeah, they give free food, i eat lor since times are bad)

There was a X5, 320, 320 sports, 323 and a 525. What can i say, the 5 is really luxury, like the built in shades and the seats. The X5 is one cool SUV, but no glove compartment and the last row of seats are horrible.

Since the cars were all usual stuff, i went upstairs to their motorad section to check out the 2 wheelies. 'Awesome', the bikes looks super cool. Price at RM8+0K and RM140+K, all i can say is, i would wanna get seen riding on of these along the Penang bridge (like i know how to ride a bike), but just make sure i don't fall and get crushed by it.

Here's a picture of me pretending to be cool with my under age girlfriend.

May 22, 2009

9 Months MIA!

Hi, finally i'm back after 9 months. Yeah make it another 3 days it will be 9 months. I'm in the country all these while, just that my blogging interest died on me. Anyway, i'll try to update what i've been doing all the while over the weekend.

Final Verdict: Stay tunelah....hope i still know how to blog...