December 18, 2006

Nikon D200, Nikkor 35mm f/2D, and Speedlight SB800

'I have a satellite receiver too'
'This looks like some radar gun our cop uses'
'OMG, Heavenly'
'Still it does not look complicated as the EOS 400D'

What can i say about the D200 and the SB800, well, i just hope one day i can handle the D2X or the Mark 1 by Canon (which i know a lot of pros are using) and it will be heavenly. i was tempted to post this entry after the Canon EOS 400D. Well the above images were taken using the 400D, hmm, to think of it, it's not that bad after all.

Final Verdict: Please do not judge something in the early stage when you are uncertain

Canon EOS 400D

'Canon= huge and heavy, why this one so light?'
'Introducing, Canon EOS 400D, entry level DSLR'

'Buttons layout are complicated'

Received the Canon EOS 400D two weeks ago and i was kind of delighted with it knowingly that this will be the first Canon camera i'll be using, YES, i've never use a 'meriam' before because i'm a pro Nikon fan, sorry for the Canon handlers out there. Having own the Nikon D50 and also Nikon D200, i would say this EOS 400D is kind of a let down to me.

When the Eos 350D was launched, i thought it will be somehing special, small, light weight, that's something good for DSLR users. apparently, light body does not mix well with DSLR, imagine adding a speedlight on top, then a telephoto lense, the whole camera will be out of balance, so light body is a put off for me.

I thought my plastic-ky D50 is light, but the 400D is even lighter and i feel uncomfortable holding it. also another thing i do not like is the new breakthrough by canon which started off on the 350D is the info display which has been moved to the image display. that means 1 screen with different stuff shown on it. i heard the D40 will be using such tech. also the positioning of the buttons on canons are different fron nikon. the bad thing is the changing of exposure, it's so inconvenient.

Somehow, the picture produce from the 400D is not up to my expectation compared to my D50. Maybe, i also use the D200 with a 35mm lens quite often and i'm comparing it wif the 400D, that's why i fuss about it all the time.

Final Verdict: Sorry Canon users. If you want to buy a camera, buy somehting which is for entry level then only you upgrade to a higher one. in short, from small to big, not from big back to small. (in the first place i do not know why i want to review the canon when i'm a pro nikon.)

December 17, 2006

Smart or Practical!

'Silver, looks plain'
'Red, doesn't stand out, compare to green'
'The one i test drove comes in complete white'
'Chole's new sports seat, more expensive than my car seat'

I was reading Paul Tan's blog yesterday morning and i came to know that cycle & carriage is having a roadshow carnival in kl and they have demo/ company units of benz and smart for sale. i was delighted and got to know that new smart4two were on sale at the price of RM65k onwards.

knowing that is has been cheaper by almost 20k, i managed to made an arrangement with lowe motors in penang for a test drive. so i went, i tested and finally i......... (still pending for decision), hehe. can't decide whether to get as only red and silver units are available and futhermore in passion model, that means, no pedal shift and the tridion cell is in silver. in penang, only a few unit are available. the BIG let down will be the engine capacity at 698cc, WTF, i thought all these while it's 800cc, ok, now that's a BIG difference. i tested the car, really like the length and the interior where there's so much glasses all around, i'm a sun/moon roof fan myself, hehehe. bad thing will be the gear, when it changes it jerks and it's really unpleasant, but the sales guy said it's normal for smart4two cars. i also like the rear wheel drive, i really felt it and that's cool. apparently they have such offer because, new smart4two will be here next year and it comes in 1000cc and it's longer than the current second generation. price, not sure yet, might be from 80-90k and that's in RM

ok, that's my smart entry, then we went to the infant shop and got my niece a really nice sports baby seat for her, i contributed more than 10% hahahaha.

Final Verdict: Smart4Two or Myvi! Hard to decide!

December 16, 2006

Supermax Transporter! (KICK ASS TRUCK)

'Arse opened up for the cars from two tiers to reverse'
'The truck can also store two more cars'
'Isn't it awesome'
'It can be pulled up and act as a launcher where cars will accelerate out from its arse'

At last, i got what that i've been drooling for, for the past 1 month since i saw it at prangin mall. i've telling everyone about this and yesterday i got it as an early xmas present, hehehe. ok, you must be wondering what is so great about this piece of plastic. by the way it cost RM49.90, hopefully e-store will not be selling it at half the price or else i'll have to bang balls!!!

Ever wonder when you are driving and you see a truck carrying cars and you tell yourself, it must be fun for the top row of cars to reverse and go all the way down. well, now with this new truck of mine, i can try and see how fun is it. i also have lot of hot wheels cars that i've collected (minus my collection of skylines) but still inside the blister card, now with the truck i'll get a few and tear it out. it is able to carry 12 cars plus it also acts as a launcher for the car to fly out from the back.

Final Verdict: This truck is damn long, i have problem locating a place to store it.

December 15, 2006

A Night to Remember!

'My Buddy's Wedding'
'Groom trying hard to ask his 'brother' to sing Negaraku'
'There goes their freedom! (death sentence)'
'The GUYS!'

FINALLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYY, i'm back, after almost 2 to 3 weeks. by the way, if my boss knows i'm here typing this, he'll definitely skin me alive infront of the toys, hahaha. as i've promised, some wedding pictures of my buddy- Olivia. i didn't take much photos as i was busy entertaining my friends and some really long lost one. so in the ened, it was all some common shots every point and shoot users will capture. these pictures had all been resized because i took it from photobucket.

A little bit but the bride, know her for 9 years plus since i'm in form 4, that was also when i knew a bunch of really good friends where i consider them as buddies today. setup an imaginary company, did lots of crazy stuff together, etc etc, the list goes on.

also congrats to loctormayat on your new domain i wonder when can i get one myself and also thanx for adding my blog add into your list.

i sense that i have a style in my blog, when i blog, i'll do it very often, then when i stopped, i'll just take a long vacation, that's bad. if this continues, when will i ever own a domain of my own.

Final Verdict: LVIN, Gambateh!