August 04, 2008

Finally, it's here

Yes, finally it's here, after 5 weeks of ordeal and nightmare (which i'll mention in another entry), it's with me now. I know i've promised to have some teaser for you in my previous entry: My Biggest Decision Part 1, but i just don't have the time as i'm tied up with work and more to come, sad sad.

OK, forget about all the surprises, here, i present to you my biggest decision so far which might affect me so much, i'll just have to makan roti for the next few years, hahaha.

"My Swift, mandi bunga, so that can strike lottery (Too Bad, tak jadi)"
" After coming back from dinner, this is what left form the mandi bunga"
"Nice drawing by the monk"
I got it last saturday after much not so pleasent encounter, but i'm cool about it as i'm a high EQ person, hehe. Drove it back to Penang yesterday, bumpy ride, over all is nice. Then went over to waterfall for the car to be blessed so that it will be accident free and strike lottery, but too bad at 8pm, no news of thebookie calling back, so my RM6 went into the drain (btw, i haven't pay yet, hahaha). Well, not just me, a lot of people's money also gone. Sorryler.
This morning, i woke up got into my car and was shocked to see my windscreen cracked. What to do, Swift is famous for this. there goes my tinting, sad.
Final Verdict: Stay tune for more shots as i have not take any good shots with it yet.