October 04, 2009

Things Gone Wild in Quattro....

What can i say. I'll just have to keep all of you guessing on this entry.

Up Up & Away, Final

After the attempt on Station 3 & Station 5, we hiked ourselves past the boundaries of Station 5. It was muddy track all the way for about 1/2 hour (Bear in mind, no one was around while were we hiking this trail, not even a monkey) and we reached a junction which point:

84: Go Straigth
39: Turn Left
5: Go Backwards

My instinct told me to try 84 and off we continued and half way, things doesn't seems right, the weather was gloomy and i decided to head back and try trail 39 which somehow leads us to an abandon rest area with well equiped facilites to hold a big party, but the strange thing was, the area was deserted and it was getting eerie.

Rain started to pour and it was getting heavy. i went straight and saw a tomb written, 39 and i was relieved we managed to get ourselves to 39, then i follow the long staircase down the hill and while hiking down under the rain, i kept on looking back imagining 'things' were following us. After about 20 minutes of continuous hiking downhill under the heavy pour, i felt to get uneasy and we were not aware where we were heading. then out of no where, a woman with a yellow umbrella appeared and was hiking uphill.

Without wasting/ thinking unlogically that time, i stopped her and asked her in mandarin where is the trail heading, she told us Rifle Range and i thought to myself, fuck, we are now at another side of the hill. Anway, we continue down and came to a rest area with few people and were relieved that finally we can shelter ourselves from the rain. After chatting with the stranded hikers at the rest area waiting for the rain to slow down, we headed down and it took us another 30 minutes before we reach civilization.

So, what do you do when you hike all the way up and comes down at another end? Well, you have to start looking at you handphone's address book and pick a victim nearest to you and in this case, it was my bro to fetch us back to the starting point at Youth Park. While waiting for him to come, of course i savoured myself with 2 roti telur and a cup of teh tarik (Heavenly)

The trail we hiked, after Station 5, we headed to the split when 84 goes to waterfall and 39 goes down to Rifle Range

The trail after Station 5, muddy and silent all the way...

The Split: 84 or 5

Trail to 39, going downwards

By far the most awesome view from the hill. This was taken at Station 39, a deserted rest area

Overall, it was a super experience for both of us, not much picture taken as it was raining and my hp battery was on its way to fail us. Had to save it to call my driver to pick us up. I actually took few photos at Station 39, but it was not saved onto the phone, i wonder, how come....hmmm