November 05, 2009

I'm Back Once Again

Hi everyone, i'm officially back once again. As usual blogging wasn't on my agenda for almost a month as i was busy with work and some other stuff that interest me more than anything else, which i'll definitely blog about it in my next post.

Therefore, to apologize to my anonymous readers, i decided to share an image i got from a colleague of mine. I find it really true in my working environment, how about yours? Also the image is now my wallpaper at my workplace, lets hope i can help change the culture and manage to stay on before they realize they dun have to shit at us.

Till then, i'll try to blog at least an entry after Saturday to update all of you what have i been up for the past 1 month, till then, ADIOS, not forgetting, thanx ndrutan for tagging me from his blog so that i can get more strangers reading my blog..... DAMN, now i really need to get the nuffnang ad template to start generating money so that i don;t have to keep looking up at assholes....hahahaha


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