August 18, 2009

BD: Squid De Yoong Yoong

Right after the week we attempted the Fettuccine La Fong Fong, things were getting excited and we decided to try out another dish. This time, i'll call it Squid De Yoong Yoong, though the original name for this is Stuffed Calamari.

As usual, ingredients were bought (last minute as we were still 50/50 whether to do it or not). As you can see, 12 squids were bought from tesco, heads, skin and internal parts all cleaned up. In fact i felt good digging the bone out from its body, feels horny though, if you get what i mean...
Smoked bacon, prawn, and toasted garlic bread were all chopped and mince to tiny bits (I can't find bread crumbs, and feeling generous i bought a pack of toasted garlic bread to replace it)

That's me stir frying the prawn and smoked bacon, adding in some basil and butter

Then after all the frying part, we mixed the main ingredients: smoke bacon, prawn and crumbs with parmeesan cheese, then stuffed it into the squid. (Tips: do not over do it thinking it looks good when you see it's round and fat). Well, the book says stuff it and leave is as it is, but as a Chinese, we used toothpick to seal the opening.
Heat the pan, put in garlic and butter (lots of it), then throw in the big fat suckers and you'll immediatelly see it shrink to half its size. (Remember i told you not to over stuffed it. If you do, then the fun part will begin here as the squid shrunken, the ingredients inside has no where to go but to pierce through the squid...Ka BOOM, Kamikaze Sotong)

Fry it till it turns golden brown, but my suggestion for you is, just fry it for 2 minutes for each of it as it will never turn freaking golden brown like what we see in the book. Finally, sprinkle basil on top of it and it's ready to be MUNCHED!
As usual, lets see what are the comments from the in- house chefs
  1. Michelin Consultant CW said, (well, i guess he was impressed as he did not mention anything or he was just too hungry as we took 2 hour + to prepare)
  2. Pinhorn Main Chef said, feels like eraser as we pan fried it too long waiting for it to turn golden brown (which it didn't) Just fried it for 2 mins and next time do not throw the squid head away which is such a waste, and she suggested we stuffed the head into the body together (OK, this is turning into chinese style)
  3. Pinhorn 2nd Chef said OK lah, but recently this 2nd chef is turning into grass eater, so her comment might not be valid
  4. Chopper Boy (Me) and WF felt we did a bloody great job, the squids were great and in fact i like the 'rubbery' feel of the squid...

Overall, i'm glad we did it, at least it proves i can cook to impress when it's needed, next attempt will be......... well, i'll say just gives us a break as i have yet to get over with the feeling of digging the squid.

August 17, 2009

Up Up & Away...

Last weekend, wf and i decided to continue from where we stopped few weeks ago and try hiking one of the many trails at youth park which leads us to.....well, i have no idea where leads us.
The view, 1/2 way, forest taken down by land owner who owns some part of the hill
This is station 3, have no idea how many stations are there until it reaches the peak
That's wf posing for my sony cybershot k800i....
In case you are wondering, i was pointing downhill, Mcd breakfast waiting for me...
Well, since someone is so eager to conquer mount kk (which i've done), she will have to keep on practicing before attempting the challenge. As for me, i'll most probably go to kk arm wif my D300 to tembak...

August 13, 2009

What's Yours?

What's your handphone's wallpaper currently? As for mine, below are the ones which i'll be using most probably for another month or so before i change....

Btw, just in case you are wondering, that's my 3 years old niece, Chole the Fat- Fat....

August 11, 2009

Fettuccine La Fong Fong

The long awaited meal by the 'fat-fat' duo had finally came true. Over the weekend, WF and me purchased the ingredients for our 'Pasta La Fong Fong'.

We got ourselves, spaghetti, fettuccine, creamy alfredo, whipped cream, ham, mushroom, parmeesan cheese which all of it happens to be imported, except the ham (could be some dead H1N1 swine)
Ingredients ready, sliced ham & mushroom, choped onion 2 cans of creamy 'al the fredo', box of whipped cream from Iran (wtf!! Iran)
Pour in everything, stir fried, mixed around, more whipped cream, salt (from Japan), oregano....
...and finally, the outcome, no spaghetti, fettuccine already too much
Presenting to you, 'Fettuccine La Fong Fong'
You must be wondering how does it fair for first timers like us? Lets see the comments from our resident chefs and consultant
  1. Michelin Consultant CW said, not bad, kinda watery
  2. Pinhorn Main Chef said, Good Good (and she eventually went for second plate)
  3. Pinhorn 2nd Chef said, (forgot what she said, haha)
  4. Chopper Boy (Me) felt, after stir frying the ham and mushroom, should have taken it out before pouring in the cream, this way the taste will be better

Overall, the cook was satisfy, me as the chopper boy feels good. Next attempt, stuffed squid... err, lets stick with Cordon Bleau for the time being.

August 05, 2009

Buatan Malaisia...

The best thing ever created by Malaysians for supper would be burger. Not any chain burgers but our famous road side 'Ramli' burger. You basically choose what you want and behold, the one below is the Double Ayam Special, which means 2 patties wrapped individually with 2 eggs, top with all the vege, carrot, mayo, cheese, chilli, ketchup, and others (things that can clot your nerves)

One bite into it, and i assure you, heaven is just next to you. How can i describe it besides 'Heavenly'. With a glass of super 'manis' teh tarik to compliment it, God, 'Kek Lok Sai Kai' (a place better than heaven) is awaiting you....

Nothing to be Afraid

What would you do when you have terrible sore throat as if there's a ping pong ball in it? Well, u freaking dun care though i have one of the many symptoms of H1N1, 'There's Nothing to be Afraid, Thou Shall Not".

What you need to do is, eat somthing even heatier to counter the pain, muahahaha. Btw, that was my dinner yesterday and Domino did it again . What can i say, Thanks for the free pizza next time.

August 04, 2009

Happy Birthday!

2 days ago was my ride's birthday, yes, he's one year old from the day i collected him from the showroom. Well, some of you might be wondering how come i can remember so clearly. Well its easy, my car registration numbers coincidently shows the year, month, day and time i collected my ride.

Lets see what i've done to him after a year...

He was rear ended by some rocker dude at the Penang bridge about half a year ago, i gave him few tattoos which i'll remove one soon, added nice tail for him, changed his glasses FOC as it cracked the second day i own it, he has few scars thanx to the Malaysian road condition and other asshole drivers, replaced an 'ang moh' lung for him so that he can breathe in more, changed its cornea to white, operated his voice so that he speaks like a sumo wrestler, and a lot more, the list just goes on. Will update again when he is 2 years old.