January 15, 2010

A New Year, A New Launch!

For the year 2010, i'll re-launch my blog into a more interesting place. Instead of just talking about my life, i'll touch more about the services and attitudes that i encounter everyday. Since this place is not giving me passion to come in here like last time, i guess i'll just change it to a place where i'll give short comments.

With my blackberry with me, i'm sure i can update my blog anytime i encounter such incidents. So bear with me as i try to relieve my blog which may offend a lot of people, but hell, this is my blog so i'm entitle to say what i feel and also share what i've went through with the rest.

Anyway, Happy 2010, my resolution year it to engage myself more with photography. Here's a parting shot which i took last week while i was away from home most of the nights.

Cocktail by the Sea Food


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