September 11, 2009

Random Update

I'll be having this new posting where i'll name it Random Update where i'll post misc photos taken by me whenever i'm on the go. Well, don't expect superb quality photos as most of the photos will be taken using my Sony Ericsson Cybershot K800i (Sounds so great, but it's just a bloody hanphone with camera)
Willian & Murni move away, i found a better place serving jumbo juice in JUG, yes JUG instead of the large mug that is normally served at mamak. Venue: The Metro, Ipoh Garden East (I was the lucky one served with jug as they ran out of big mugs btw)
Nasi Lemak Liverpool, one of the famous joint in Penang, finally tried it though it's located near my place. Normal stuff, plus the pandan leaves used on my pack smells like crap
Singapore registered subaru with airbrush motive all over the body. This portion is interesting, there are 2 wolves which looks exatly like the two chap inside the car, muahahaha
Talk about this, hmm, you know who you are, com eon, get up and start baking, your powder is taking up my space and it's an unused inventory to me. So, when can i have this make into the real thing?

Up Up & Away, Part 2

Two weeks after our attempt on Station 3 of the so called 'Penang Hill', this time we made our way up to the next stop: Station 5. It's funny though that all the station were named in odd numberings. What happen to the even numbers?

To cut the story short, our attempt from Station 3 to 5 took us roughly about 1/2 hour with lots of stairs
Welcome to Moon Gate 5, was told there are 8 stations in total. Notice the Penang flag color at the background? Ingenius...
The view at station 5 is relaxing, reminds me of The Peak in HK, here i have a comparison of what i meant. The difference: The Peak's view are concrete jungle but at Station 5, the view is pure jungle on one side and Penang skyline on the other. 2 views, how about that?
Not forgetting the residence of the hill: our relatives, say 'Hi' to the 'moonkey' aka guardian of the Moon Gate BTW, they are all over the hill in different sizes
Flight of stairs leading up & down the hill, this can be a good wallpaper, but too bad i wasn't arm with my D300
Well, that's me again pointing downhill, this time is wan ton mee waiting for me.

Tomorrow will be our final attempt to conquer all the way up to Station 8 (Hopefully the peak stops at Station 8, if not, then you have to bear with me posting more photos of me pointing downhill)

September 03, 2009

Purple Freak!

Barney, the famous purple singing t-rex dino, seen here with his two banana + leaf combination color triceratops friend at my workplace.
"I Love You, You Love Me, We Are Happy Family......"

Do you want one? The last i heard, it was fully sold out, guess these freaks are famous afterall.